Alligator Clips and Outlet Tabs


  • Alligator clips and outlet tabs come in a convenient 5-Piece accessory pack and connect to 3-Foot and 20-Foot lead adapters
  • Large red and black alligator clips are 3-1/4-Inch with steel teeth to connect to the circuit
  • Red and black blade prong and ground prong provide more options to attach to a circuit
  • Nickel plated steel connection and thermal plastic body
  • Blade Outlet Tabs and Ground Prong are safety rated: CAT II 300V, Double Insulated
  • Alligator clips are safety rated: CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, Double Insulated
  • For use with Klein Tools Cat. No. ET450 and Klein Tools 3-Foot (Cat. No. 69359) and the 20-Foot (Cat. No. 69358) Banana Jack Cables
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The Klein Tools alligator clips and outlet prong accessories are compatible with our 3-Foot and 20-Foot Banana Jack Cables. The alligator clips and outlet tabs connect with our 3-Foot and 20-Foot cables to provide different options to make an attachment to a circuit. They are part of a full line of Klein Tools meters and testers, designed by electricians for electricians.

Circuit Connectors for ET450
Electrical Tracing or Testing
Special Features:
Allows for Additional Options to Attach to Circuits
Overall Length:
Tab 1.77'' (45 cm); Clip 3.28'' (83.3 cm)
Overall Height:
Tab 0.75'' (19 cm); Clip 1.68'' (42.6 cm)
Overall Width:
Tab 0.75'' (19 cm); Clip 0.71'' (18 cm)
PVC and Berillium Copper
Connector Type:
Connector for use with Cat. Nos. 69358 and 69359 Lead Adapters
3 Tabs and 2 Alligator Clips
For Use With:
Cat. No. ET450 Electrical Test Kit with Cat. Nos. 69358 and 69359 Lead Adapters
2.2 oz (64 g)
Additional Information
  • Read, understand, and follow all warnings and instructions before operating testers.
  • Before each use, verify tester operation by testing on a known live and correctly wired receptacle and circuit.
  • Use personal protective equipment to prevent shock and arc blast injury where hazardous live conductors are exposed.