Dual-Laser Infrared Thermometer, 20:1


  • Incorporates surface temperature measurement capability using IR emission and can also measure bulk temperatures of air, gas, or liquids using a standard K-Type probe
  • Dual targeting lasers offer more accurate determination of the area being tested
  • Optical Resolution (Distance-to-Spot) is 20:1
  • Measurement range for both IR and K-Type probe -40 to 1200-Degree Fahrenheit (-40 to 650-Degree Celsius)
  • Not a medical device; thermometer is NOT intended for use on people or animals.
  • Adjustable emissivity from 0.1-1.0 delivers flexibility to address multiple applications
  • Bright backlit display for working in low ambient lighting conditions
  • Statistical parameters for measurement event - max/min/avg/diff
  • User definable high/low limits with audible and visual alarms when limits are breached
  • Uses one 9-volt alkaline battery, with battery life expectancy at 8 hours of continuous use with laser and backlight on
  • Includes custom pouch, K-Type probe and battery
  • Soft-touch, over-mold housing; built to withstand a 9.9-Foot (3 m) drop
  • Auto Power-Off conserves and extends battery life
  • IP54 ingress protections for dust and water resistance
  • U.S. patent D791,624
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Klein Tools IR10 is a professional dual targeting laser infrared (IR) thermometer. It offers a wide measurement range, a tight 20:1 distance-to-spot ratio, dual targeting lasers, and several calculation modes to facilitate different temperature measurement applications. In addition to measuring temperature using IR emission, it can also measure temperature using a standard K-type probe.

Dual-Laser Infrared Thermometer
Temperature Measurements Using IR Emission or K-Type Probe
Special Features:
Dual Targeting Lasers, 20:1 Distance-to-Spot Ratio; Hi/Low Limits with Simultaneous Audible and Visual Alarms When Limits are Breached; Bright Backlit Display; Works with K-Type Probe Also
Audible Alert:
Plastic Housing, Electronic Compenents
1 x 9V
Distance to Spot:
IR: 32° F and Above: +/- 3° F or +/- 1.5% (Whichever is Greater); Less Than 32° F: +/- (3.6° F + 0.2° F per Degree); K-Type: 32° F and Above: +/- 2° F or +/-% (Whichever is Greater); Above 32° F: +/- 3° or +/1% (Whichever is Greater)
Digital Backlit
Display Resolution:
0.1F (0.1 C)
Response Time:
Auto Calibration:
Degree Format:
F or C
-40° to 1200° F (-40° to 650° C)
EN 61326-1:2013, EN 608251:2014, 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, Class II Laser, CE
Drop Protection:
3 m
Ingress Protection:
Thermometer; Custom Pouch; K-Type Probe; Battery
Overall Length:
7'' (17.8 cm)
Overall Width:
2.05'' (5.2 cm)
Overall Height:
4.49'' (11.4 cm)
7.40 oz (210.0 g)
Additional Information
  • Read, understand and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and/or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use.
  • LASER RADIATION, Class 2 laser. Do NOT stare into beam. Exposing eyes to laser radiation can result in severe and permanent eye injuries. NEVER look directly into the laser beam emitted by this instrument.
  • Thermometer is NOT intended for use on people or animals.
  • Usage of this tester in any way other than that specified by the manufacturer can impair safe operation, resulting in severe injury or death.