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Low-Voltage Tester

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Product Features
Device for checking live 6-24V, AC or DC circuits.
Tests for shorts in automotive and truck electrical systems, motor field coils, radio and low-voltage circuits, ground circuit of all lamps, wiring, fuses, etc.
Bulb in handle glows when circuit is complete (bulb included).
Pointed 3-3/4'' (95 mm) probe makes checking easier.
Deluxe 3.5'' (89 mm) long handle with nylon top holds replaceable bulb.
36'' (914 mm) test lead with alligator clip.
Replacement bulb: Cat. No. 69130
Low-Voltage Tester
Checking Live 6-24V, AC or DC Circuits; Testing for Shorts in Automotive and Truck Electrical Systems, Motor Field Coils, Radio and Low-Voltage Circuits, Ground Circuit of All Lamps, Wiring, Fuses, etc.
Special Features:
Pointed 3-3/4'' (95.3 mm) Probe Makes Checking Easier.
Overall Length:
43-1/4'' (109.9 cm)
0.21 oz (6.0 g)

Always wear approved eye protection.

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