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Line Splitter

Cat. No.: 
This product is no longer in production.
Product Features
Assists in measuring the current draw of a connected load up to 15A without splitting the load's power cord.
Voltmeter input jacks
Provides X10 mode and X1 mode.
Designed for use with Klein Tools' Test & Measurement Clamp Meter line: CL100, CL200, CL1000, CL1100, CL1200, CL1300, CL2000, CL2100, CL2200, CL2300 and CL2500.
Works with many other manufacturers' clamp meters.
For North American-style outlets only.
Overall Length:
6.2'' (157 mm)
Weight w/ Batteries (oz.):
2.2'' (56 mm)

Do NOT use with loads greater than 15A.

Risk of electric shock and burn. Contact with live circuits could result in death or serious injury.

Do not use if Line Splitter appeaars damaged. If in doubt, replace Line Splitter.

Always wear approved eye protection.

Do NOT use Line Splitter if wet.

For indoor use only.

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