Plumber's Kit Replacement Straps


  • Plumber's Kit Replacement Straps are two durable silicone straps for use with the Plumber's Kit (Cat No. 69346)
  • Secure the Plumber's Kit metal plate in place by adjusting the straps to the required length
  • Fits common PVC pipe sizes from 1 to 6-Inch outer diameter and can stretch to fit circumferences up to 18-Inch
  • Attach magnetic Digital Angle Gauges and Levels to the metal plate that comes with the Plumber's Kit to easily measure angles
  • This item consists of two silicone straps only and does not include the ferromagnetic plate included with the Plumber's Kit
  • Bright orange straps make it easy to locate the product in any tool bag, on the job site, or in dimly lit environments
  • Silicone straps hold metal plate in place while Digital Angle Gauges or Levels is used to set or measure the desired angle, pitch, or tilt
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Interactive Catalog

The Klein Tools' 69347 Plumber's Kit Replaceable Straps replace the straps in Cat. No. 69346 Plumber's Kit. The Plumber's Kit is designed to bring the benefits of the magnetic attachment of digital angles gauges to non-magnetic pipes, conduits or other objects. It consists of a metal plate and silicone straps which may be strapped to the non-magnetic object. When attached it presents a ferromagnetic surface aligned with the non-magnetic pipe to which the Digital Level with Programmable Angles (Cat. No. 935DAGL) or the Digital Angle Gauge and Level (Cat. No. 935DAG) may be attached. This item consists of two silicone straps and does not include the ferromagnetic plate.

Accessory / Replacement
Replacement Straps for Cat. No. 69346
Special Features:
Bright Orange Straps
Overall Length:
15.1'' (38.4 cm)
Overall Height:
0.2'' (0.6 cm)
Overall Width:
0.8'' (1.9 cm)
12.8 oz (23 g)
Additional Information
  • Read, understand, and follow instructions to ensure safe operation
  • Always wear approved eye protection