Laser Distance Measure, 200-Foot


  • Laser measurement tool measures from 2-Inch (5.1 cm) up to 200 feet (61 m) with 1/16-Inch (0.16 cm) accuracy for the first 33 feet and accurate to 1/8-Inch (0.32 cm) up to 200 feet (61 m)
  • Available calculations of area, volume, and indirect measurement allow professionals to get more accurate measurements while being efficient
  • Convenient charging with the rechargeable battery and included charging cable
  • Quickly compare the latest measurement with the last 3 measured distances that were automatically saved on the LCD screen
  • Highly visible reverse-contrast LCD display for improved viewing in low light conditions
  • Toggle between inches, feet and meters for fast and easy unit conversions
  • IP54 rating, 6.6-Foot (2 m) drop rating, and included hard case ensure durability on job sites

Klein Tool's Laser Distance Measure is a rechargeable laser distance measure that provides fast and accurate measurements up to 200 feet. It features real time measuring, adding and subtracting measurements, square footage, rectangular perimeter calculations, volume, and indirect measurement calculations to help speed up the measuring and estimating work of professionals. The rechargeable battery is powered via a USB-C port and is convenient to recharge anywhere on or off the job. Durability is ensured by the protective hard case, its IP54 dust and water rating, and a 6.6-Foot (2 m) drop rating. The bright, backlit screen is easy to see outside and inside and makes measuring on early job sites easier. The green laser is up to 2 times easier to see than red lasers in different lighting conditions.

Laser Reflection, Class 2 Laser
Measures Length
Special Features:
USB-C Rechargeable; Reverse Contrast LCD Display; Green Laser; Hard Case with Belt Clip
PC/ABS; Silicone Rubber
+/- 1/16'' up to 33' (+/-0.2 cm to 10 m); +/- 1/8'' up to 200' (+/-0.3 cm to 61 m)
Reverse Contrast LCD Display
2'' to 200' (5.1 cm to 60.96 m)
Indirect Measurement:
Measurement Standard:
Metric, SAE
Case Included:
Laser Distance Measure, USB-C Cord, Manual
Overall Width:
2.05'' (5.2 cm)
Overall Height:
1.14'' (2.9 cm)
Overall Length:
4.61'' (11.7 cm)
13.28 oz (377 g)
Additional Information
  • Exposing eyes to laser radiation can result in severe and permanent eye injuries. NEVER look directly into the laser beam emitted by this instrument.
  • DO NOT use the instrument if it appears to be damaged.
  • DO NOT modify the instrument in any way, as to do so could result in emission of hazardous laser radiation than could result in severe eye injuries.
  • See instruction manual for additional warnings.