Aircraft-Cable Lanyard Fixed Length


This product is no longer in production
  • Superior resistance to hostile environments; recommended lanyard of choice for welders.
  • Lanyard can be used around hazards such as open flame, rough-edged structural members, and welding splatter. It will not, however, resist the flame of a torch.
  • Equipped with two drop-forged steel, corrosion-resistant Klein-Lok® locking snap-hooks with 11/16'' (17 mm) throat opening.
  • Strong, flexible steel cable is 7/32'' (6 mm) in diameter and is vinyl-coated for a total diameter of 9/32'' (7 mm).
  • For use in positioning, suspension, or retrieval systems. Can also be used with a Klein deceleration unit for fall-arrest.
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Overall Length:
6' (1.8 m)
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