Glow in the Dark Fish Tape, 40-Foot


  • 40-Foot Fish Tape features unique glow-in-the-dark fiberglass tape and nylon tip
  • The clear housing allows the glow material to charge in the case in natural light for 1 hour, or general lighting for 30 minutes.
  • Fully removable from case for more versatile application such as pass through wire feeding
  • Anchoring end utilizes stainless steel connector that is compatible with Klein Fish Rod attachments (Cat. No. 56511)
  • Durable case and handle offer superior impact resistance
  • Narrow, eyelet tip for easy feeding through crowded spaces
  • Alignment mark on case makes for easy re-installation into housing
  • Made in the USA with global components; Patent Pending
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Klein Tool's 40-Foot glow-in-the-dark fish tape provides a bright glow for use in any low light. The unique clear case permits ambient light to easily charge the glow tape and tip. The fiberglass tape is fully removable from case for one-way wall cavity, drop ceiling, and conduit pass through feeding. The anchor end features a stainless-steel fish rod connector so any of our fish rod accessories can be attached to the end of the fish tape, allowing this fish tape to also function as a super-flex glow rod. An optimal fish tape for installing wire or cable behind walls and ceilings, in mid-range box-to-box runs and branch circuits, or in flexible tubing. This fish tape’s compact size makes it a great addition to your everyday tool bag. Also available in 20-Foot (Cat. No 50550).

Fish Tape
Wire Pulling
Special Features:
Glow-in-the-Dark Tape and Tip, Clear Case, Removable Tape, Equipped with Fish Rod Attachment Connector
Overall Length:
11.3'' (29 cm)
Overall Height:
1.5'' (4 cm)
Overall Width:
9.06'' (23 cm)
Tape Size:
40' x 0.153'' (12 m x 3.9 mm)
9'' (23 cm)
Tape End:
Glow-in-the-Dark Nylon Eyelet
1.6 lb (0.7 kg)
Additional Information
  • Do NOT use any fish tape on or near live circuits. Use extreme caution when working near any electrical equipment.
  • Wear approved eye protection when feeding, pulling or rewinding fish tape.
  • Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance when using fish tape.
  • Never remove screws while fish tape is coiled inside reel.
  • Read instructions before use