Multi-Flex Glow Rod Set, 35-Foot


  • Combination of hi, mid and lo-flex glow rods for all applications, glowing in bright green, yellow, and orange for easy identification of flexibility and improved visibility in low-light environments
  • Protective Splinter Guard™ coating helps keep hands free of fiberglass splinters
  • Durable stainless steel connectors reinforce connection between all Klein fish rods
  • 7-Inch zipper bag for attachments (whisk, double S-hook, bullet nose, twin hook, single hook, magnet and chain) storage; carabiner clips onto fish rod tube cap to store attachments and rods together
  • Made in USA
  • Includes adapter to connect lo-flex rod directly onto to mid/hi-flex rods; creating a smooth transition, eliminating shoulders that cause snagging during pulls
  • (1) 5/32-Inch diameter x 5-Foot glow rod; (3) 3/16-Inch diameter x 5-Foot glow rods; (3) 1/4-Inch diameter x 5-Foot glow rods; assembles to full 35-Foot rod
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Klein Glow Fish Rods are the perfect solution for running wires through drop ceilings, attics, floors, walls and crawl spaces. This multi-flex set contains various hi, lo and mid-flex rods to build the optimal combo to navigate any run. The Splinter Guard™ coating glows bright in various colors to quickly identify the best flex for the job and improves visibility in low-light. This 35-Foot rod includes all seven of Klein's fishing attachments, and is the go-to set for all wire fishing needs.

Fish Rods
Conduit and Wire Pulling
Special Features:
Color Coded, Splinterguard™ Coating, Stainless Steel Connectors
Flex Rating:
Hi-Flex, Lo-Flex, Mid-Flex
Glow Feature:
Glow Rods
Overall Length:
35' (10.67 m)
Overall Height:
0.16'' (0.4 cm)
Overall Width:
0.16'' (0.4 cm)
1/4'' (0.6 cm)
(1) 5' (1.5 m) Hi-Flex Fish Rod, (3) 5' (1.5 m) Mid-Flex Fish Rods, (3) 5' (1.5 m) Lo-Flex Fish Rod, Adapter, Bullet Nose, Hook, Magnet, Chain, Double S Hook, Twin Hook, and Whisk Attachments
Additional Information
  • Always wear approved eye protection
  • Never use on or near electrical circuits
  • Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance