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Electronics Pliers, Needle Nose with Curved Chain-Nose, 5-Inch


  • Needle Nose Pliers have 60-degree bent nose for maximum work visibility in confined areas
  • Easily bends and forms fine wire
  • Polished inside jaws and radiused jaw edges prevent nicking wire
  • Curved handles provide greater tool control and spring-loaded for self-opening action
  • Forged in the USA with custom, US-made tool steel for maximum durability
  • Hot-riveted joint for smooth action and no wobble handle
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The 60-degree bent nose on these Midget Curved Chain-Nose pliers provide maximum work visibility in confined areas. This tool easily bends and forms fine wire. Polished inside jaws and radiused jaw edges prevent nicking wire while the curved handles provide greater tool control. Made of forged steel for maximum durability.

Overall Length:
4.75'' (12.1 cm)
Jaw Length:
1'' (2.5 cm)
Jaw Width:
0.406'' (1 cm)
Jaw Thickness:
0.25'' (0.6 cm)
Jaw Capacity:
1.28'' (3.3 cm)
Point Diameter:
.05'' (0.13 cm)
Handle Color:
Light Blue
Handle Finish:
2.1 oz (59 g)
Additional Information
  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • NOT insulated. Plastic-dipped or slip-on plastic handles are NOT intended for protection against electrical shock.