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VDV ProTech™ Coaxial Kit

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Product Features
The VDV ProTech™ Coaxial Kit has the tools you need to install coaxial cables including:
One VDV ProTech™ Transport which is a lightweight tool case with 12 organizational compartments for small parts and a large, open section to hold hand tools.
One Coax Cable Stripper - 2-Level, Radial (VDV110-061).
One Compression Crimper - Compact, Multi-Connector (VDV211-048).
One Multi-Cable Cutter Klein-Kurve® (63020).
One 10-pack -- Universal F Compression Connector - RG59 (VDV812-615).
Two 10-packs -- Universal F Compression Connector - RG6/6Q (VDV812-606).
Two 10-packs -- F Compression Connector - RG6 (VDV812-623).
One 10-pack -- Universal BNC Compression Connector - RG59 (VDV813-616).
One 10-pack -- Universal BNC Compression Connector - RG6/6Q (VDV813-607).

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