Cable Installation Kit for Pass-Thru™


  • Cable Tester Kit includes the components needed to terminate data cables using time saving Pass-Thru™ technology
  • Klein exclusive Pass-Thru™ Connectors provide fast, reliable connector installations for data applications
  • Certified for PoE+
  • CAT5e/CAT6 cables easily pass through connector to visually ensure that wires are in the correct order for consistent and secure terminations
  • 8 position, 8 contact Pass-Thru™ style data plug for solid or stranded cable
  • Fast, simple RJ45 Pass-Thru™ Crimper (Cat. No. VDV226-005) crimps and trims Klein Tools RJ45 Pass-Thru™ connectors onto data cables (round STP / UTP cables)
  • Wiring guide on crimper helps minimize wiring errors
  • Cable tester (Cat. No. VDV526-100) with single button testing of terminated voice and data cables
  • Test CAT3, CAT5e and CAT6/6A cables
  • Fast LED responses indicate cable status (Pass, Miswire, Open-Fault, Short-Fault, and Shield)
  • Compact tester easily fits in your pocket
  • Includes tester, crimper, Pass-Thru™ connectors and USA-made zippered pouch for storage

This Pass-Thru™ Cable Installation Kit includes the tools needed to connect and test Klein Tools' RJ45 Pass-Thru™ connectors onto category cables. Test CAT3, CAT5e and CAT6/6A cables with the LAN Explorer® Data Cable tester. The kit includes the tester, a Pass-Thru™ crimper, a pack of 50 CAT5e/CAT6 Pass-Thru™ connectors and a zippered storage pouch.

Cable Installation Kit
Pass-Thru™ Installation
Special Features:
Exclusive Pass-Thru™ Connectors
Overall Length:
5'' (13 cm)
Overall Height:
15.2'' (39 cm)
Overall Width:
4'' (10.2 cm)
High Carbon Steel, Polycarbonate Plastics, Stamped Steel, Vinyl
1 x 9V
Battery Life:
Active: 80 hr; Standby: 3.5 yr.
Drop Protection:
2' (0.6 m)
Supported Remotes:
Single, Stored on Tester
Connection & Adapter Types:
RJ45, RJ11/12
Multiple Style Tone Generator:
Cable Type:
CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6/6A
Cable Identification:
Test & Measure Types:
Pin to Pin Wiremap; Shield
Tester, Crimper, Connectors, Pouch
1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
Additional Information
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  • Do NOT use on energized circuits or cabling systems.
  • Read, understand and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and /or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use