Impact Punchdown Tool Kit, Cushion-Grip, 4-Piece


  • 4-Piece tool kit for complete termination of 66/110 panels, cross-connect systems and wall jacks
  • Cushion-Grip™ Impact Punchdown Tool includes a ''Hi/Lo'' impact functionality for adjustable compression force on various wire gauges, blocks and jacks
  • The punchdown tool also has an integrated, extra-long shaft for reaching into bulky / crowded blocks and a heavy-duty metal collar for strength and longevity
  • A unique Cushion-Grip™ handle reduces hand fatigue and provides superior comfort when using the punchdown tool
  • Pick up, separate or remove wires, small components, covers or debris from panels, blocks or jacks with the Wire Pick (Cat. No. VDV327-103) and spudger
  • The Wire Pick body is made of non-conductive material to prevent shorts. It also has a metal hook end and a non-conductive spudger end
  • The Dura-Blade™ 66/110 Cut Combination Punchdown Blade (Cat. No VDV427-104) is manufactured using a metal injecting molding (MIM) technology for better quality, durability and performance
  • The blade has both 66 and 110 cut/terminate edges for clean, accurate wire insertion and trimming. It is compatible with most bayonet style (twist and lock) socket punchdown tools
  • The kit-exclusive Multi-Pocket Pouch has separate compartments to store tools, a metal belt clip and a reinforced puncture-resistant bottom
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Interactive Catalog

The Cushion-Grip™ Impact Tool Kit provides everything required to install and maintain 110 and 66 panels, cross-connect systems and wall jacks with secure terminations. Utilizing an optimized two-step impact process, the punchdown tool precisely inserts and then trims off excess wire. The 4-Piece kit comes with punchdown tool, wire pick, blade and pouch.

Cable Termination
Overall Length:
7.875'' (20 cm)
Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool; Wire Pick; Dura-Blade 110/66 Cut Combination Punchdown Blade and Multi-Pocket Pouch
14.9 oz (422 g)
Additional Information
  • Always wear eye protection
  • NOT insulated. Will NOT protect against electrical shock. Do not use on live circuits
  • Do not use to pry or chisel