Klein Tools® Introduces New Digital Level with Programmable Angles and Plumber’s Kit for Working with PVC and Non-Magnetic Pipes

May 18, 2021 (Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces the new Digital Level with Programmable Angles for measuring offset angles or tilts from true level, and the Plumber’s Kit for working with PVC and non-magnetic pipes.

Digital Level with Programmable Angles (Cat. No. 935DAGL)

  • Measures 0 to 90°, 0 to 180°, or dual axis bullseye ranges
  • Pre-programmed commonly used target pitches for efficiency and ease-of-use
    • 1/8’’, 1/4’’, 3/8’’, and 1/2’’ per foot
  • Achieve target angle by setting an audible alarm; LCD will change color when reaching the set target angle
  • Use in bullseye orientation to accurately determine x- and y-axis
  • Display auto-rotates when used in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Reverse contrast display improves visibility in dimly lit work environments
  • Strong magnetic base attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces
  • V-Groove edges enable optimal alignment on conduit and pipes for bending and alignment
  • Language selectable menu for English, Spanish and French


Plumber’s Kit (Cat. No. 69346)

  • Two flexible, adjustable length straps connect the metal plate to pipes, conduit or other objects
  • Fits common PVC pipe sizes from 1’’ to 6’’ outer diameter and can stretch to fit circumferences up to 18’’
  • Wraps around brass, copper, PVC and other non-magnetic pipes and conduit
  • Replacement Straps for Plumbers Kit (Cat. No. 69347) sold separately

“Klein’s new Digital Level with Programmable Angles helps address the problems professionals face when trying to find the correct conduit and pipe angles in dimly lit and tight workspaces,” says Brendan Rice, associate product manager at Klein Tools. “The level features pre-programmed commonly used target pitches, audible alarm and magnetic base to allow for greater efficiency. All of that paired with the Plumber’s Kit (sold separately), for wrapping around non-magnetic pipes, conduit or other objects, makes this the ideal level for professionals regardless of the work environment.”

For more information, visit www.kleintools.com/new-products or search for #NewKleins on social media.

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