USB Digital Meter, USB-A (Type A)


  • 3 to 20V DC; Current: 0.05 to 3A
  • Continuously monitor up to 1000 hours of voltage, current, capacity/charge delivered, energy, and resistance (calculated)
  • Tests most common standard USB-A ports, including Qualcomm Quick Charge® ports
  • Store and recall up to 10 readings
  • Voltage and current overload detection
  • Hi-resolution LCD for clear visibility in environments with low ambient lighting
  • Durable cable to allow easy access to hard-to-reach ports
  • Rugged, pocket-sized, and light weight Klein industrial design stands up to jobsite demands
  • Built to withstand a 6.6-Foot (2m) drop
  • No batteries needed; powered by the USB port being tested
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The Klein Tools ET900 is a USB digital meter for common standard USB-A (Type A) ports including Qualcomm Quick Charge® ports. It accurately and reliably measures and displays the USB port voltage, current, capacity, energy, and resistance simultaneously. It can function with any USB-A port that has the ability to deliver power. It requires NO batteries as it draws power from the power source to function.

USB-A (Type A)
USB Port Voltage, Current, Capacity, Energy and Resistance (Calculated)
Special Features:
Klein Tools' Most Compact USB Meter
3 to 20V DC
0.05 to 3A
Voltage: 3 to 20V DC +/- 1% (+/-2 Bytes); Current: 0.05 to 3A +/- 1% (+/-2 Bytes)
Capacity Used:
99,999mAh Maximum
Energy Delivered:
999Wh Maximum
400 ohms Maximum
Elapsed Time:
Up to 999 Hours, 59 Min, 59 Secs
USB Compatibility:
USB-A; Qualcomm Quick Charge® Compatible
Drop Protection:
2 m (6.6')
Ingress Protection:
Overall Length:
2.84'' (7.2 cm)
Overall Height:
0.56'' (1.4 cm)
Overall Width:
1.25'' (3.2 cm)
1.10 oz (31.0 g)
Additional Information
  • To ensure safe operation and service of this meter, follow all instructions. Failure to observe warnings can result in severe injury or death.
  • This meter will NOT display current below 50 milliamperes, even if it is allowing this to pass through. NOTE: The display will show zero current.
  • Do NOT use with ports that operate outside of the rated voltage and current. NEVER use on a circuit with voltage or current that exceeds the maximums specified for this device.
  • Do NOT use during electrical storms or in wet weather. Do NOT use if meter appears damaged. Use caution when working with voltages above 25V RMS or 24V DC. Such voltages pose a shock hazard.