Digital Tone and Probe Set


  • Digital Tone Generator (Cat. No. VDV500-163) and Digital Wire Tracing Probe (Cat. No. VDV500-223) Set
  • Trace and locate cables on an active network
  • Tone on cables connected to a switch or router without disconnecting cables
  • Rugged Angled Bed of Nails (ABN) to trace on unstripped wires
  • Wire mapping capabilities to check Pin-to-Pin connections with shield detection
  • 60Hz filter for accurate tracing
  • Includes tone generator, tracing probe, various leads for testing, batteries, and instruction manual
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Trace and locate network cables more effectively within bundles, at switches, patch panels or termination blocks. The Klein Tools Digital Tone and Probe Set offers digital and analog signaling all in one toner and probe. Designed with powerful cable tracing and locations technology for any work environment. Use the digital mode to trace and locate data cables on active networks. Use the analog mode to isolate individual wire pairs and trace voice, data, video and audio cables.

Tone Generator, Tracing Probe
Wire Toning and Tracing
Special Features:
Angled Bed of Nails with (ABN) Clips, RJ45 Port, 3 Distinct Cadences, Worklight
Overall Length:
6.8'' (17.3 cm)
Overall Height:
13.3'' (33.8 cm)
Overall Width:
3'' (7.6 cm)
8 x AAA
VDV500-163 Digital Tone Generator; VDV500-223 Digital Tracing Probe; Pouch; Test Leads; Instructions; and All Required Batteries
1.4 lb (0.6 kg)
Additional Information
  • Read instructions and safety information before using.
  • Do not use instruments if they are wet, as it could pose a shock hazard.
  • Do not use instruments if they are damaged in any way.