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Grip for High Strength Cables 0.218-Inch


  • Designed for cable sizes from .218-Inch (5.54 mm) to 0.550-Inch (13.97 mm)
  • Double ''V'' grooves give four-point contact, reducing chance of slipping and providing proper alignment of wire and cable
  • For larger conductors, see our grips with round inside-jaw contour
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Designed for use on aluminum, copper, weatherproof coated wire, PVC covered conductors and messenger and guy strand. The Chicago style grip was designed for cable sizes from 0.12-Inch to 1.0-Inch (3.10 to 25.4 mm). When pulling EHS (extra-high-strength) galvanized-steel cable, the galvanizing has a tendency to coat the jaws of any grip, causing the cable to slip. Double -InchV-Inch contour reduces the possibility of slippage and damage to the cable.

Extra-High-Strength Cables, Messenger, Guy Strand
Cable Type:
Aircraft, EHS, Messenger, Guy Strand
Cable Diameter:
0.218'' to 0.55'' (5.54 to 13.97 mm)
Jaw Type:
Double V
Jaw Length:
5'' (127.0 mm)
Maximum Safe Load:
8000 lb (3629 kg)
5.4 lb (2.5 kg)
Additional Information
  • Before each use, clean jaw area and inspect grip for proper operation to avoid slippage.
  • When used on/near energized lines, ground, insulate, or isolate grip before pulling.
  • Do not exceed rated capacity.
  • Always match proper size and type of grip to application.
  • Grips are to be used for temporary installation, not for permanent anchorage.