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50' (15.2 m) Nylon Fish Tape

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This product is no longer in production.
Product Features
Designed for flexibility and easy navigation through conduit runs.
Non-conductive, composite fish tape slides easily over existing wires and through multiple bends.
The lightweight and strong nylon composite tape resists harsh elements and is strength rated up to 200 pulling pounds.
The 13'' case diameter means you can reel in 15% more tape in a single revolution vs. a standard 12'' case.
Made in the USA.


Wear approved eye protection when feeding, pulling or rewinding fish tape.

Although composite fish tape itself is non-metallic, its metallic tip and leader are conductive and could be grounded against conduit. Do NOT use on or near live electrical circuits.

Do NOT pull a composite fish tape with any type of mechanical fish-tape puller. A mechanical puller will severely damage the tape, and could lead to personal injury.

Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance when using fish tape.

Do NOT bend a composite fish tape to a radius smaller than 3'' (76 mm) or the tape may break.

Never remove screws while fish tape is coiled inside reel.