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Wire Pulling Foam Lubricant


  • No mess formula stays where it is applied and wipes clean from hands and fabric
  • 4X greater yield than gel or wax lubricants
  • Coats better and is 30-percent more slippery than gel or wax lubricants
  • One can equals four quarts of wax/gel lubricants. Based on jobsite pulls with foam in 3/4-Inch conduit when used as directed
  • Made in USA
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Klein Tools' Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant is a no mess, no hassle alternative to traditional wax/gel lubricants. The foam fills the conduit and coats the wires as they are pulled through. The lubricant stays where it is applied, even in vertical conduit. It also dissolves clean from hands, clothing and carpeting.

Wire Pulling
Special Features:
Coats Better and 30% More Slippery than Gel or Wax Lubricants
19 oz (0.6 L)
Aerosol Can
Working Temperature:
40° F to 100° F (4° C to 38° C)
1.2 lb (0.5 kg)
Additional Information
  • DANGER: Extremely Flammable.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Contents under pressure. Do not expose container to direct sunlight or temperatures above 120°F. Do not transport or store near heat sources. Keep cans dry and away from sources of ignition. If frozen, gradually warm to room temperature.
  • Do not use wet product on live circuits. Compound is electrically conductive before it dries.
  • For industrial and commercial use only.