Hinged Knee Pads


  • Hinged Knee Pads are designed with a top strap positioned above the knee to reduce shifting and to keep the knee pad centered
  • Lightweight multi-layer pressure absorbing gel-like padding system provides heavy duty knee support for all-day comfort
  • Durable slip-resistant rounded synthetic rubber kneecaps grip work surfaces for ultimate stability while allowing side-to-side mobility
  • Adjustable elastic straps allow you to dial in a custom fit
  • Quick-release clips secure upper and lower straps for easy on/off
  • Breathable mesh and neoprene lining to keep you cool
  • Designed for professional men and women in trades that require work on or near the ground
  • Perfect for indoor/outdoor work in electrical, construction, flooring installation and cleaning, roof repair, welding, gardening and car repair
  • Sold in pairs
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Interactive Catalog

The Hinged Knee Pads from Klein Tools are designed for all-day comfort and protection for the toughest jobs. The top strap is positioned above the knee to keep the pad centered in place. The multi-layer gel-like padding system is designed to support the knees to reduce pressure and fatigue after all-day wear. Heavy duty synthetic rubber knee caps provide ultimate protection while allowing for side-to-side mobility. Quick-release clips and adjustable elastic straps allow for easy on/off.

Hinged Gel Knee Pads
Knee Protection
Special Features:
Hinged Design, Multi-Layer Padding System, Slip-Resistant, Quick-Release Clips
Overall Length:
10.7'' (27.3 cm)
Overall Height:
3.5'' (8.9 cm)
Overall Width:
9.8'' (24.9 cm)
Nylon 35%, Polyester 20%, Thermoplastic Rubber 15%, EVA Foam 15%, NBR 10%, Iron 5%
Closure Type:
Quick-Release Clips
1.2 lb (0.54 kg)
Additional Information
  • Contains natural rubber (latex) which may cause allergic reactions.
  • We cannot guarantee wearing personal protective equipment will prevent injury.