Splinter Guard™ Fish and Glow Rod Kit with Bag, 33-Foot


This product is no longer in production
  • Kit includes: 8 Splinter Guard™ fish and glow rods, 7 attachments and 1 carrying bag
  • 8 Rods: Two (2) 48-Inch long, 1/4-Inch diameter Low-Flex Fish rods, two (2) 18-Inch long and two (2) 60-Inch long 3/16-Inch diameter Mid-Flex Glow rods, two (2) 72-Inch long 5/32-Inch diameter Hi-Flex Glow rods
  • 7 Attachments: Whisk, Double-S Hook, Magnet, Chain, Bullet Nose, Single Hook, and Twin Hook
  • Rods have durable, stainless steel connectors and Splinter Guard™ protective coating to keep hands free of fiberglass splinters
  • Rotate the innovative new Double-S Hook to secure wires within its prongs for difficult pulling applications
  • Attachments fit all Klein Splinter Guard™ fish and glow rods
  • Luminescent rods glow in the dark and are rechargeable in most available light
  • Carrying bag is constructed of durable 1680d material with a reinforced bottom and a heavy-duty zipper
  • Adjustable bag accommodates 4-Foot, 5-Foot, and 6-Foot rods and has two exterior zipper pockets for shorter rods, leaders and attachments
  • Patent Pending
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Klein Tools’ new Splinter Guard™ Fish Rod Kit includes fish and glow rods in a variety of lengths and flexibilities, a 7-piece accessory set, and a premium carrying bag to ensure your kit is protected from the elements and ready to carry to the next wire installation job. Splinter Guard allows you to glove-free by maintaining complete dexterity. Glow rods provide added visibility in dark workspaces. A variety of durable attachments are included in the kit to provide the right tool for any wire fishing situation. The new, innovative Double-S Hook allows wire to be grabbed then pulled securely between its two stainless steel prongs. The high quality fabric bag with an adjustable length main compartment accommodates all length rods, has easily accessible exterior side pockets and a reinforced base to endure the rigors of the jobsite. Note: Does not fit Super Rod Series (SRS) fish rods.

Kit Containing Various Rods, Attachments, and a Carrying Bag
Wire Pulling, Wire Installation
Special Features:
Splinter Guard Protective Coating
Flex Rating:
2 Lo-Flexl; 4 Mid-Flex; 2 Hi-Flex
Glow Feature:
6 Glow Rods
Overall Length:
76'' (193 cm)
Overall Height:
5'' (12.7 cm)
Overall Width:
3.5'' (8.9 cm)
1/4'', 3/16'', 5/32'' (0.6, 0.5, 0.4 cm)
(8) Rods, Whisk, Double-S Hook, Magnet/Chain, Bullet Nose, Single Hook, Double Hook Attachments, (1) Bag
3.2 lb (1.5 kg)
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