MODbox™ Internal Rail Accessory


  • MODbox™ components easily interconnect for a customized mobile workstation
  • Secure your rail attachments inside the Rolling and Medium Toolboxes (Cat. Nos. 54802MB, 54803MB) with the Internal Rail Accessory
  • Keep rail attachments securely in place and prevent shifting inside the toolbox when not in use on the outside rails
  • The Internal Rail Accessory can be inserted into the toolbox with the handle side up or down, depending on which rail attachments and tools you want to store
  • Place the internal rail handle side up to provide more clearance for taller hand tools
  • Place the internal rail handle side down to provide more clearance for other items on the bottom of the toolbox
  • Compatible with all MODbox™ side rail attachments, including the Tool Carrier, Parts Bin, Multi-Hook, Cup Holder, and Magnetic Strip (Cat Nos. 54814MB, 54815MB, 54816MB, 54817MB, 54819MB)
MODbox Builderverse
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Klein Tools MODbox™ Internal Rail Accessory secures all rail attachments inside MODBox™ Rolling Toolbox (Cat. No. 54802MB) and Medium Toolbox (Cat. No. 54803MB). Use handle side up or down depending on the clearance needed. Use with all rail attachments including the Tool Carrier (Cat. No. 54814MB), Parts Bin (Cat. No. 54815MB), Multi-Hook (Cat. No. 54816MB), Cup Holder (Cat. No. 54817MB), and Magnetic Strip (Cat. No. 54819MB).

MODbox™ Rail Attachment
MODbox™ Internal Rail Attachment
Special Features:
Use Handle Side up or Down
Dark Gray
For Use With:
MODbox™ Rail System Components
Hard Plastic
Overall Length:
17'' (43.2 cm)
Overall Height:
4.1'' (10.5 cm)
Overall Width:
1.9'' (4.8 cm)
12.1 oz (343 g)
Additional Information
  • Risk of dropped objects.