Adjustable Hole Saw with Auto-Set Arms


  • Hole Saw quickly and smoothly cuts holes from 2 to 7-Inch (5.1 to 17.8 cm) in drywall and ceiling tile
  • Easy to adjust increments of 1/4-Inch (0.6 cm) with an integrated gearing mechanism ensuring pilot bit is always centered
  • Spring loaded collar dissipates pressure and helps to keep the mechanism perpendicular to cutting surface for controlled cuts
  • Integrated vacuum port accommodates 3 of the most common vacuum hose sizes for on the spot cleanup, perfect for finished workspaces
  • Durable polypropylene dust bowl keeps drywall debris contained
  • No additional tools needed to adjust the hole saw; arms dual-adjust for size
  • Can be used in a drill or impact
  • Replacement blades and bit available (Cat. No. 53701)
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The Klein Tools Adjustable Hole Saw with Auto-Set Arms offers quick and precise hole cutting from 2 to 7-Inch (5.1 to 17.8 cm) in drywall and ceiling tile. It features an integrated gearing mechanism for fast, simultaneous size adjustment and to ensure your pilot bit is always centered for clean cuts. The spring-loaded collar ensures controlled cuts, while the durable polypropylene dust bowl with integrated vacuum port allows for effective debris containment and effortless cleanup.

Adjustable Hole Saw and Dust Bowl with Integrated Vacuum Port
Quickly and Smoothly Cut Cleaner Holes in Drywall and Ceiling Tiles
Special Features:
Auto-Adjust Gear; Spring Loaded Collar; Integrated Vacuum Port
Overall Length:
Assembled: 10'' (25.4 cm)
Overall Height:
Assembled: 6.1'' (15.5 cm)
Overall Width:
Assembled: 10'' (25.4 cm)
Dust Bowl: Polypropylene
2'' to 7'' (5.1 to 17.8 cm)
Hole Diameter:
2'' to 7'' (5.1 to 17.8 cm)
Maximum Cutting Depth:
5/8'' Drywall and Ceiling Tile
1.1 lb (0.5 kg)
Additional Information
  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • Never use on or near live electrical circuits.
  • Always wear approved respiratory protection.
  • Read and follow safety instructions in power tool owners manual.
  • Use light pressure when cutting and hold the drill with both hands.