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Tell-Tale Signs of DIY Fails

Posted on:September 10, 2018

From rustic-style construction ventures to installing modern, practical LED illumination, DIY fads come and go. The only consistency between these trends is actually pretty simple - DIY projects are most often not worth the cost or the risk. The possible mistakes and unforeseen hazards faced along the way from start to finish can result in dangerous fails and are best left at the hands of professionals.

Calls to clean-up these types of repairs aren’t always easy, especially knowing that the problem could have been avoided. But isn’t that one of the joys of working in the trades? The work is never a walk in the park, but at the end of the day, the job gets done safely and correctly.

Take a peek below at some types of DIY fails that tradespeople have been known to rescue.

Between rewiring tangled outlets, bathroom remodels gone wrong and unplanned renovations,
these simple DIY fails can create complicated jobsite emergencies.

Not So Easy Electrical

Anytime electricity is involved, safety is a priority. Electrical codes exist for obvious reasons, and advanced knowledge of these requirements is needed to complete any project successfully. That’s why tradespeople with the proper safety training and protective equipment should always be on the job.

For starters, no professional wants to be called in to a case of terribly disorganized wires and fried switches. Other electrical fails include installing outlets at the wrong height or even too close to water sources, but there’s more homeowner mishaps that require expertise from the trades.

Plumbing Problems

Even when you think a piping problem bears a simple solution, reassembly can get tricky … and messy. Once the bathroom is out of commission, it’s safe to say all hope is lost. Common mistakes include installing toilets uncomfortably close to other fixtures or cracking and crumbling fragile ceramic additions. Wasting time and materials doesn’t sound like too much fun, does it?

Construction Complications

Elaborate planning and precise measurements can make or break any project. Miss these steps and a completed renovation can be unusable. Doors that can’t open and stairs that lead to nowhere clearly have no place in a home, but without the proper skills, these DIY-oopses can easily come to life.

At the end of the day, when that tricky project comes to mind, consider picking up the phone and calling a professional instead. Your local tradespeople will thank you.  

Have you had to fix-up the work of a DIY fail? Share your stories with us on social media.

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