The True Cost of DIY

With there being a “DIY” tutorial online for everything these days, it’s easy to catch the project bug – especially with that “low-cost,” do-it-yourself promise. But when it comes to electrical projects, is it really worth it to skip the pro? Short answer: No.

Here’s why.

  • Easier watched online than done in real life

Electrical projects can be much more complicated than they seem. Even the most straightforward online videos might not demonstrate the intricacies of a project, including “common sense” prep work. And keep in mind that the people who create these DIY videos usually practice several times off camera before they decide to show the world how they do it.

  • DIY damage will likely cost more to fix than starting with a pro

A DIY job that you thought would be $92.00 and two hours can easily turn into an electrical blowout or, even worse, an electrical fire that could set you back thousands.

  • Safety training is no joke

For as many how-to videos exist online, there are as many examples of DIY-disasters. Most DIY-ers don’t fully understand the wiring system in their houses, and working with those systems without training can put yourself and family at risk. Electrocution and electrical fires can cause significant damage to you and your home.

  • Putting a price on your time

DIY projects often end up taking several times the amount of time that you allotted, whether that’s due to unpredicted obstacles or lack of understanding. Professional electricians have the training and experience to anticipate potential issues and get the job done right the first time.

  • Professional electricians prioritize quality

No matter how many DIY tips you can read online, it will not compare to the amount of education and training an electrician has received. You might be able to whip together a short-term fix, but a trained electrician is more likely to provide a lasting solution.

  • Your insurance company may not cover electrical damage costs from unlicensed work

Professional, licensed electricians have proven to insurance companies that they’ve completed the required training to work safely and follow standards. If the work that you do causes a fire or other types of damage, your insurance company might not cover the cost of repairs.