Don’t Stress these Jobsite Pet Peeves

A mess left behind after a finished job, overusing shared materials and tools and ignoring obvious directions – what do these things have in common? Well, if this short description didn’t infuriate you, know that these are just a few common pet peeves experienced professionals face on the jobsite.

Which of the following disorganized or downright disrespectful pet peeves have you encountered?

Last-minute jobs – Imagine relaxing at home after a long, tiresome workweek, when the phone rings. It’s your supervisor on the line. They’ve received heightened pressure to meet a strict deadline. Everybody has to come to the jobsite this weekend. Talk about short notice. You’re tired, but duty calls.  Many professionals have received that dreaded call. It’s this commitment to the trades that makes tradespeople so well-respected. That’s not to say they like receiving these calls, but they take pride in their work and will be there to get the job done.

How about this one, “While you’re here, do you think you could take a look at...?” That comes after finishing an assigned task. After hours of hard work and dedication, there’s more. Of course, their fair share of high-quality work has been completed, but the expectation to meet customers’ needs puts the professional in a tough place.

Forgetful mistakes – Balancing various complex tasks between jobsites can be difficult, but many foreman become frustrated when their directions are forgotten, or much worse, ignored, resulting in insufficient project completion. Instead, individuals should use a notepad or voice recorder to guarantee that they have all the job’s details on hand when needed.

Another common complaint includes delayed questioning. Sure, the instructions may have been complicated, but there seemed to be a mutual understanding. Questions should have been asked immediately rather than after mistakenly starting the project incorrectly.

Disorganization, in more ways than one – Another jobsite pet peeve that grinds gears across the board is disorganization. Tangled wires, improper disposal of unused material, insulation scraps and wire clippings – the list goes on.  Any mess made is expected to be cleaned up. If not, everybody, including clients, supervisors and coworkers, will surely notice.

Tool thieves – Of course, nobody likes a borrowed tool that somehow finds its way into a different tool bag, never to be seen again. Borrow a tool? Return it. Share company tools? Treat them like your own. It’s that simple.

All of these annoyances can cause distractions or aggravations on the job, but despite this, safety should always be a priority. Don’t let another professional’s mistake get in the way of getting the job done, both safely and according to instruction.

What’s your biggest jobsite pet peeve? Share your stories with us on social media.