Best Cities for Plumbing Professionals

As with all skilled trades, the need for plumbing professionals has grown over the last few years. This need is expected to keep growing in the new decade. Because of this, the benefits of a job in the plumbing field are only increasing year over year. Certain cities are far more beneficial for plumbing professionals. Previously we’ve looked at the best cities for both electricians and HVAC professionals.  Today we’ll switch our focus to where plumbing professionals stand to gain the most.

Like any trade, as populations grow and more buildings are built, the more skilled professionals are needed to keep up with demand. It is predicted that there will be a 14% growth in employment in the plumbing field over the next decade, so there will certainly be jobs to go around.

A surprising fact in looking at the best cities for plumbing professionals is that many are small or midsize cities, as opposed to larger ones. This relates to smaller cities having aging workers that are getting closer to retirement and will need to be replaced.

The Midwest boasts many of the best paying cities for plumbing professionals. Average salaries across the state of Indiana in cities like Gary, Kokomo, and Evansville rank in the top three nationwide. St. Louis in Missouri, Fond du Lac and Appleton in Wisconsin, Detroit and Flint in Michigan, and Peoria in Illinois all also rank in the top 10 for median salaries and number of open jobs. See below for a deeper dive into the top five, and check out the full top 20 here.

-Gary, IN
Median Salary: $77,120
Total Jobs: 1,860

-Kokomo, IN
Median Salary: $67,010
Total Jobs: 230

-Evansville, IN
Median Salary: $64,150
Total Jobs: 950

-Beaumont, TX
Median Salary: $61, 860
Total Jobs: 1,880

-St. Louis, MO
Median Salary: $68, 850
Total Jobs: 4,790

Just like with other trades, the stats show a clear conclusion: the plumbing field will continue to grow over the next decade, and presents a great career opportunity no matter where you’re living.