6 of the Best Cities for Electricians

With the costs of college rising exponentially over the last decade, many students are choosing to pursue trade schools rather than traditional four-year universities. While enrollment rates in colleges have risen this century, so have those for trade schools, at almost equal rates. Trade schools are often much more affordable in terms of tuition and time commitments, and give students a set of skills that are always in need, therefore making the process of finding post-graduation employment much quicker.

Given all these benefits, a trade school education opens up a world of opportunity to students, and it can be overwhelming to decide where would be the most advantageous place to pursue their career. Below we look at some of the best cities for electricians, and what is drawing skilled tradespeople there.

Many things go into what would make a city more desirable for an electrician, including a higher starting salary, higher average salary and an abundance of open job positions. With

 cities only becoming more industrialized with more residences and businesses, the need for electricians continues to grow. When looking across the United States, there are a few places that stick out for these particular reasons:

-Gary, Indiana
Total Jobs: 3,680
Average Annual Salary: $71,710

-Decatur, Illinois
Total Jobs: 500
Average Annual Salary: $62,190

-Detroit, Michigan
Total Jobs: 3,740
Average Annual Salary: $66,530

-Anchorage, Alaska
Total Jobs: 1,000
Average Annual Salary: $75,210

-St. Joseph, Missouri
Total Jobs: 440
Average Annual Salary: $64,800

-Kennewick, Washington
Total Jobs: 670
Average Annual Salary: $82,000

While these are just a few examples of places where the electrical industry is particularly booming, cities all over the United States are experiencing exceptional growth in this field, making it a great career to pursue when looking for a return on education investment.