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Best Cities for HVAC Professionals

Posted on:January 3, 2020

As population rates continue to rise, and the boom in both residential and commercial construction continues, the need for more trained HVAC professionals across the country is also rapidly growing. Previously we’ve looked at the best cities for electricians, taking into account both average salaries and availability of jobs. Today, we’ll use the same criteria to look at what the best cities are for HVAC professionals.

While it comes as no surprise, many of the larger metropolitan cities across the nation are great options financially for HVAC professionals, with New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Alexandria, Virginia (outside Washington D.C.), and Chicago holding the top 5 spots on Zip Recruiter. All five cities have an average annual salary over $50,000 a year, but the cost of living in big cities can offset the benefits of a bigger paycheck. If you can afford the housing price tag, California as a whole is an excellent option for the HVAC trade, with almost half of the top 15 highest paying cities.

Another factor that is helpful to look at is what locations are projected to have the most growth in the HVAC field. States like Arizona, Florida, California and Texas, all of which experience high temperatures throughout the year, are all expected to have double-digit percentages of growth in the HVAC field by the year 2024. Arizona specifically, where the weather is extremely hot and dry, meaning consumers are constantly wanting cooling systems, is predicted to have a 51.4% increase in HVAC positions in the next four years.

All of these statistics point to the same conclusion: the HVAC field shows no signs of slowed growth in the next decade. As environmental standards change and older technology has to be repaired and replaced, the need for talented and qualified HVAC professionals will only continue to grow across the United States.

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