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Wire Pick

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Product Features
Pick wire and insulation debris left in terminals.
Pull, manipulate or trace wires.
Pull bridge clips from 66 blocks.
Push wires into position.
Pry open covers.
Non-conductive body material prevents shorts when pulling wire.
Includes a metal hook end and non-conductive spudger end.
See our Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool Kit (VDV427-822) for everything required to install and maintain 110 and 66 panels, cross-connect systems and wall jacks.
Color: yellow/black
Configuration End 1: Metal hook end
Configuration End 2: Non-conductive spudger end
Overall Length: 7.25'' (184 mm)
Weight (oz.): .1 oz. (3 g)

Always wear approved eye protection
Never use on or near live electrical circuits