NCVT5 Recall

Klein Tools is issuing a voluntary product recall on NCVT-5 Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Laser Pointer in our Test and Measurement Line due to a potential safety hazard.

Why Is There A Recall?

The NCVT-5 Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Laser Pointer is being recalled due to a particular situation where the NCVT-5 may not detect AC voltage in certain duplex outlets when used in the higher voltage setting, resulting in the operator falsely believing the electrical power is off, posing shock hazards. This recall involves all NCVT-5 Non-Contact Voltage Testers with Laser Pointer, including the date codes listed to the right:

NCVT-5 Recall Date Codes

Customer Instructions

  1. Please stop using your tester even if you have not experienced any issues.
  2. Return your tester to receive an updated product.

The updated product has the new part number NCVT-5A. NCVT-5A testers are NOT subject to this recall. The NCVT-5A can be recognized by the part number on the tool and by the silver date code sticker.

NCVT-5A new model number

If your tester is still in the packaging, please refer to the back of the packaging and look for the checkmark in the vicinity of the barcode (UPC) indicating that your non-contact voltage tester is safe to use. An example can be found to the right.

NCVT-5 Recall New UPC Package


  1. Please stop using your NCVT5 even if you have not experienced any issues.
  2. Please contact us to learn how you may return your unit at no charge for replacement.
    • Web: If you are a consumer, complete the online Recall Submission Form for immediate processing of your recall request. Once the form is completed, an email will be sent with instructions and a link to print a shipping label. If you are a distributor, visit the Distributor Extranet to complete the Distributor Recall Submission Form.
    • Phone: Call customer service toll-free 800-553-4676 between 7:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. CT Monday through Friday.
    • Email: Email us at Be sure to include contact information, postal and email addresses. We will reply to your email within one business day.

Klein has an outstanding safety record and we take this matter very seriously. No injuries have been reported from the use of these testers, but Klein Tool is recalling them out of an abundance of caution. Our number one concern is the safety of our loyal Klein Tools customers. We apologize for any inconvenience and promise to redouble our efforts to continue providing you with quality tools.

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