Klein Tools’ New Easy-to-Use Digital Light Meter Helps Ensure OSHA Compliance

Aug. 15, 2017 (Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces the ET130 Digital Light Meter, an easy-to-use precision light meter with single-handed operation. The meter monitors illuminance levels in both foot candles (FC) and Lux to ensure the level of light in homes, buildings, schools and offices is compliant with OSHA standards.

Digital Light Meter – ET130 (Cat. No. ET130)

  • Digital LCD screen with backlit display and 40-segment bar graph
  • Backlight button for easy viewing in low light
  • Includes Hold and Max/Min buttons to hold the current measurement on display as well as capture maximum and minimum values
  • RANGE/FC/LUX button easily toggles between units and ranges
  • Spectral range: 400 – 760 nm; white light CIE standard
  • Range: 0 to 4,000 FC; 0 to 40,000 Lux (1 FC = 10.76 Lux)
  • Auto-powers off after 15 minutes to conserve battery life
  • Drop protection: 3.3 ft. (1m)
  • Includes custom carrying pouch and 9V battery for added convenience

“Tradespeople need to be able to compare light levels from old and new sources, or check that emergency signs meet standards. This important work requires an easy-to-use, precise light meter to get the job done right,” says Sabrina Kalsi, product manager at Klein Tools. “Our ET130 light meter’s one-handed design and included carrying pouch make it a convenient tool to have on the job.”

For more information, visit www.kleintools.com or contact your local distributor.

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