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Klein Tools® Introduces Demolition Screwdrivers

Save your other tools from the abuse these can take…Plated metal strike cap protects from hammer blows

The new series of demolition screwdrivers were designed to take and deliver a beating.  Engineered, manufactured and tested for prying and chiseling, the unique screwdriver design transfers impact force directly to the work surface.  A plated metal strike cap protects the handle from hammer blows.  

Typical electrician applications include banging out knockouts in a junction box  as well as tightening up locknuts.  Utility lineman can hammer the screwdriver into a wood pole to hang their tool bag for easy access while working.

“Every professional tradesperson has one or two screwdrivers that get frequent hits from a hammer.” states Jon Ginsberg, product manager. “The signs of beaten or chipped handles is all the evidence needed.  With Klein demolition drivers, end users get the superior screwdriver standards demanded by professionals with the construction engineered to take the high abuse often necessary on the job-site”. 

Made in the USA, these slotted drivers are available in 4” (602-4DD) and 7” (602-7DD) blade lengths, ¼” and 5/16” tip sizes with the same features and quality Klein delivers.  

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