Klein Tools Expands Test & Measurement Line with 2 New HVAC Products

July 12, 2017 (Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces two new easy-to-use HVAC products, the ET05 and ET110. The ET05 digital pocket thermometer quickly measures air, surface or liquid temperature with its rugged, portable design. The ET110 carbon monoxide meter detects and measures concentration levels of carbon monoxide while also reading the temperature. Both tools provide convenient, easy-to-read measurements for tradespeople while on the job.

Cat. No. ET05

ET05 Digital Pocket Thermometer

  • Measures Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature with a user-selectable toggle button
  • Measures temperatures ranging from -40 to 482º F and -40 to 250º C with 0.1º resolution
  • Includes a FDA GRAS-compliant 3” stainless steel probe for measuring temperature
  • HOLD/MAX/MIN/AVG button easily toggles to capture maximum, minimum and average values
  • Backlit LCD display for easy viewing in low light
  • Auto-powers off after 15 minutes to conserve battery life
  • Includes an open, protective sheath to provide stable ambient air measurement, which also doubles as a handle for extended reach
  • Lightweight, compact tool with pocket clip that provides easy storage, quick access and doubles as a battery compartment


Cat. No. ET110

ET110 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter

  • Measures concentration levels of CO and temperature
  • Backlit display with CO measurements from 0 to 1,000 ppm for easy viewing in low light
  • Includes audible and visual alarms for CO detection with a low-level alarm at 35 ppm and high-level alarm at 200 ppm. The meter also includes a mute button to silence the alarm
  • Warning indicator light blinks green for clean and red for CO detection
  • Provides user protection with short-term exposure limit (STEL) alarm
  • Temperature button toggles between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • MAX/AVG button displays maximum, minimum and average values
  • HOLD button holds the current measurement on the display for easy reading
  • SET button assists with professional calibrations
  • Auto-powers off after 20 minutes of no usage to conserve battery life
  • Includes a carrying pouch and four AAA batteries

“These two new HVAC products are our answer to professionals’ need for quick, easy-to-read measuring tools while on the job,” says Sabrina Kalsi, product manager at Klein Tools. “The ET05 thermometer is our first pocket thermometer that can provide quick temperature readings to help monitor a part, system or area. The ET110 carbon monoxide meter gives tradespeople a reliable meter to keep them safe from dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. Professionals will rely on these easy-to-use measurement tools that are sure to come in handy every day.”

For more information, visit www.kleintools.com or contact your local distributor.

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