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Hi-Viz Diving

Posted on:May 2, 2014

Our mission here at Klein is to make the best possible tools for electricians and professional tradespeople, but sometimes our tools find a profound purpose in the most unexpected of places. In the case of our Hi-Viz Diagonal Cutting Pliers, that place is underwater, and that purpose is of the life-saving kind.

Master Diver Clayton Hunt counts his Hi-Viz Diagonal Cutting Pliers as must-have equipment when he’s on the job with his Underwater Search & Recovery company. He spends his days diving down to the depths of area lakes, rivers, and oceans to recover lost items (everything from wedding rings to cars), perform environmental clean-up work, bridge inspections, and more.

As you can imagine, once you get a down around 15, 30, or 60 feet the visibility is next to nothing, but Hunt says the glow in the dark handles really help with that and he is able to orient himself much easier. The glow time can also last up to 30 minutes, which is also a big plus when you’re underwater.

While glow in the dark handles are definitely handy, Hunt says that’s not the real reason he carries these Hi-Viz Klein pliers. The reality is he needs them to get out of potentially life-threatening situations. Hunt says many of the places he dives are cluttered with things like fishing wire, and he often finds himself getting snagged or tangled up in that debris. Those Klein pliers are there to help cut him free.

It’s inspiring to hear stories like these, and we’ve been blessed to hear of other situations where our tools helped to save lives. Here are a couple of them: A Good Pair of Scissors and Klein Borescope Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. We’ve also had the opportunity to donate 100 High-Leverage Cable Cutters to some Tucson-area firefighters as rescue tools.

Do you have any similar stories to share? We’d love to hear them!

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