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Klein Borescope Goes Above and Beyond The Call of Duty

Posted on:August 27, 2013

borescope klein toolsThe Klein Tools ET510 Borescope is a specialty tester which allows you to see into inaccessible areas by utilizing a flexible gooseneck camera.   The camera is able to snake its way into places you would never normally be able to access.  There are many different industries that can benefit from this tool, from electrical to HVAC to plumbing or automotive, the list of applications goes on.  However, in our wildest imaginations we would never have thought that this device would be used in the way described in the testimonial below.    

This past May an EF5 tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma, destroying two elementary schools.  This horrific storm killed 26 people including 7 students.   It is impossible to imagine how this tornado has affected the community, as the town of Moore is still rebuilding and recovering from the devastation.  As part of the aftermath of the storm, we have discovered that a Klein Tools Borescope played a key role in the search and rescue efforts at one of the schools.  The following email had been forwarded to one of our Klein Tools salesman by the Sales Manager at Ram Products in Grand Prairie, TX:

“Justin had a customer that had bought a Borescope from him in Moore, OK.  When he went by that customer today he asked them if they had been using it.  The customer told him their fire department had actually used the Borescope the day of the tornado to search beneath the rubble of one of the schools and actually found some of the kids with it.  I am not sure how many of our customers would buy it for that specific purpose but it does go to show just how helpful of a tool it can be.”

It is heartbreaking to imagine the circumstance in which the borescope was used, but we are just glad that this tool was able to assist in a search and rescue.  

The primary application of the ET510 Borescope is to maneuver through drains and duct work and view inaccessible areas. The camera is illuminated with a bright LED light to help with visibility. For a more feature laden borescope, we offer the ET500. The ET500 Borescope has all the same capabilities as the ET510 but also takes and records high-resolution photos, file playback and video output capabilities.

While we hope that this is the last time a borescope needs to be used in this kind of application, we can’t help but feel joyful at the fact that our tool was used in such a productive and life-changing manner.  Do you have any stories you can tell us about unique ways you’ve used a Borescope?  Let us know on our Facebook wall.

For information on tornado and hurricane awareness, go to our previous post: Prepare yourself for a Natural Disaster.

If you would like to donate to the American Red Cross to help support disaster relief please click here or the logo below.

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