Foam Lube

Klein Tools Foam Lubricant - No Mess Formula

Klein Tools’ innovative Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant is a no mess, no hassle alternative to traditional gel or wax lubricants. Instead of applying directly to the wires, Klein’s Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant is applied directly into the conduit. The foam fills the conduit and coats the wires as they are pulled through. And the foam stays put, even in vertical conduit!

Klein Tools’ Foam Lubricant wipes away clean. It won’t stain your hands, clothing, carpet or other fabrics. No drips and no stains, means no mess to clean up at the end of the day!

Klein Tools Foam Lube - 4x Greater Yield Than Gels or Waxes

One can of Klein’s Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant equals four quarts of wax or gel lubricants. The 19 oz. can is also much easier to carry around a jobsite and fits easily into a tool bag.

Klein Tools Foam Lube - one can equals four quarts

*Based on jobsite pulls with foam in ¾” conduit when used as directed

Klein Tools Foam Lube - 30% More Slippery Than Gels or Waxes


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