Electrician’s Combination Square from Klein Tools® Allows for No-Hassle Adjustments for Marking or Layout Needs

Jan. 24, 2023 (Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces the Electrician’s Combination Square, the best tool for conduit layout on an electrical box, allowing for no-hassle adjustments for any marking or layout needs.

Electrician’s Combination Square, 12-Inch (Cat. No. 935CSEL)

  • Powerful rare-earth magnets allow for no-hassle quick ruler adjustments and firmly hold the ruler to the body
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum body with precision machined 45- and 90-degree edges can set a miter saw or table saw to the perfect angle
  • Effortlessly find knockout centers for EMT using the integrated conduit layout template
  • Double-sided ruler provides measurements in 1/8’’ and 1/16’’ increments on one side electrical panel schedule and conduit layout template on the other side for versatility to address different jobs
  • Deeply etched markings in the 12-inch, rustproof, stainless-steel ruler prevent the print from rubbing off
  • Large, high visibility bubble vial window with reinforced housing is easy to read
  • Place EMT and rigid conduit or conduit adapters in the body to quickly identify the conduit diameters to easily plan the electrical box layout
  • Integrated stainless steel scriber marks with pinpoint accuracy


“Klein Tools' Electrician's Combination Square features precision machined 90 and 45-Degree edges and is the ideal tool for conduit layout on an electrical box,” says Brendan Rice, associate product manager at Klein Tools. “Built with Rare-Earth magnets to firmly hold the ruler to the body and allow for easy adjustments, the integrated conduit layout template lets professionals find knockout centers in seconds and without hassle.”

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