Clamp Meter Recall

Klein Tools is issuing a voluntary product recall on four products in our Test and Measurement Line due to a potential safety hazard. We are working together with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada to recall these products and replace them promptly.

Why Is There A Recall?

The CL110, CL210 and CL310 and CL110KIT are being recalled due to a fastener that can work itself loose over time, potentially leading to a false reading when measuring voltage. This issue could indicate a reading of zero voltage on energized systems resulting in the operator falsely believing the electrical power is off, posing shock, electrocution and burn hazards. This recall involves The CL110, CL210 and CL310 and CL110KIT Digital Clamp Meters with date codes:

How to find model number and date code
New, updated product is already making its way to stores near you. If you have questions about anything you see on the shelf or something you bought recently, please refer to the back of the packaging and look for the checkmark indicating that your meter is safe to use. An example can be found to the right. New, product packaging showing that the item does not need to be replaced
Clamp Meters Recalled
Accessories in the CL110KIT, specifically the 10x Line Splitter, RT210 GFCI Receptacle Tester, test leads, batteries and carrying case are not being recalled, should not be sent back for replacement and should be retained by customer.

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