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Offset Flexible Eye Pulling Grips 12-Inch


  • KSRK Light Duty - Standard Length
  • 1.00 to 1.24-Inch cable diameter (1 to 1-15/64-Inch or 25.40 to 31.35 mm)
  • Maximum flexibiliy to follow the line of pull
  • Manufactured in the United States to provide line workers with maximum strength and durability
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These light-duty, offset eye pulling grips from Klein combine strength and durability to help linemen get the job done. Allows maximum flexibility to follow the line of pull. Manufactured, inspected and tested in the USA, these grips are made of drop-forged quality US steel.

Galvanized Steel
Cable Diameter:
1.00'' to 1.24'' (25.4 to 31.50 mm)
Mesh Length:
12'' (30.5 cm)
Maximum Safe Load:
680 lb (308 kg)
4 oz (113 g)
Additional Information
  • Do NOT exceed maximum safe load as listed on the label attached to the product.
  • Always match proper size and type of grip to application.
  • Do NOT use on live circuits.
  • Always inspect equipment before use.