Face Shield, Mesh


  • Face Shield designed with lightweight materials and proper balance to reduce neck fatigue
  • High clarity mesh cross weave tested for minimal distortion to ensure uncompromised vision
  • Full face, wrap around design to maintain low profile and optimal coverage on safety helmets or hard hats
  • Face Shield has superior impact protection and is tested to the latest ANSI Z87.1 impact standards
  • Coated steel mesh for added durability
  • Convenient mount features quick release and attachment for face shield and earmuffs
  • Versatile flexible frame is designed for use on most cap style, full brim hard hats and safety helmets with universal side slots
  • Flexibility of design allows you to easily swap out between clear, tinted, or mesh face shields as needed, with no tools required
  • Face Shield universally mounts to the side slots found on both Klein Tools and competitive products
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Klein Tools Face Shields offer a combination of safety, comfort, fit and convenience. High-impact tested with proper coverage to protect from small to large objects. Lightweight construction, low profile designs (clear, tinted and mesh models) specifically fit safety helmets, cap style and full brim hard hats. Secure attachment to universal mounts; adjustable modular design allows for use with hearing protection and headlamps. High-optical quality; anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings ensure enhanced visibility.

Hard Hat/Safety Helmet Mounted
Arborist and DIY
Special Features:
Hearing Protection Compatible
Overall Length:
9.2'' (23.4 cm)
Overall Height:
11.6'' (29.5 cm)
Overall Width:
7.5'' (19.1 cm)
0.02'' (0.5 mm)
Polymer, Coated Steel
Color Code:
ANSI Z87.1
7.36 oz (209 g)
Additional Information
  • Read all instructions and warnings before using this product. Failure to follow these instructions and warnings may result in serious personal injury including blindness or death.