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Posted on:March 8, 2019

Gender roles first evolved when Rosie the Riveter pioneered the way for women to take on industrial jobs, including welding, machine operating and other hands-on positions. As wartime demand decreased, however, women were pushed to return to their traditional, household roles – despite becoming highly skilled professionals.

Although the gender divide in the trades is shrinking, according to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), today, women make up just 9.1 percent of the construction industry in the United States. Gender-specific challenges, such as increased risk potential, jobsite hostility, lack of mentoring and others, prevent many aspiring individuals from entering the trades.

Posted on:March 1, 2019

A career in the trades plays a vital role beyond just personal aspirations because the world’s infrastructure depends on tradespeople for day-to-day maintenance. The benefits on an individual level, however, are still worth noting. According to Klein’s “State of the Industry” survey results, half of young electricians chose a career in the industry due to the field’s job security. On top of other benefits, such as the problem solving, technical and hands-on aspects of the job, the trades offer rewarding opportunities.

Despite practicing necessary safety procedures, completing tough tasks for years on the job – in harsh conditions, nonetheless – can start to take a toll on a tradesperson’s body. That doesn’t mean your time in the trades has to end; it might just be time for a change. Many tradespeople stay involved in the industry by opening the doors to their own business.

Posted on:February 22, 2019

USB technology has evolved significantly since its first introduction, affecting day-to-day to operations across all industries. In the late 1990s, proprietary versions of USB power delivery were just that – a convenient source of battery power in devices such as computer mice, keyboards, and other accessories. Though USB ports initially reduced the number of necessary dedicated ports, connectivity was unidirectional. The technology did not support charging capabilities and was unable to simultaneously conduct data transfer and power delivery.

Today, USB tech enables hi-speed connectivity, powers – and charges – many of our everyday devices and supports mass data storage. A decrease in the number of connections needed for complete functionality has greatened system efficiency and simplified power-management. After almost twenty years of growing popularity, however, users have had to adapt to different USB cable ports.

Settling Some Cord Confusion

Posted on:February 15, 2019

Starting with the initial product development process through the final purchasing experience, Klein’s team of innovators puts six generations worth of expertise into every tool that we create – every step of the way. Those Lineman’s Pliers in your tool bag underwent rigorous quality inspections to ensure they have what it takes to stand up to harsh jobsite conditions. Klein Tools Pliers feature core characteristics, such as comfortable grips, induction hardened cutting knives and a high-leverage design, to meet the demands of the professionals who use them every day.

Did we mention there are more than 150 plier models available?

Posted on:February 8, 2019

Professionals often share stories of how their Klein tools withstand the many tests of time. While we don’t encourage these accidental durability tests, we do appreciate hearing how Klein Tools products exceed expectations for quality and durability. Recently, Klein’s Flashlight with Worklight (Cat. No. 56028) hung right where it was needed, even after being long-forgotten.

Posted on:February 1, 2019

The forecast has arrived: weather-related jobsite challenges will continue to snowball all winter.

This week, cities across the United States issued wind chill warnings, advising individuals to stay indoors. Fortunately, some employers excused time off. Others, however, dialed-in for overtime. During emergencies like these, yes, even when a “polar vortex” whirls in record-breaking low temperatures, skilled tradespeople keep the power and the water running.

Harsh jobsite conditions and frigid temperatures make professionals think twice about their own safety, while also looking out for their brothers and sisters in the field. From winter wearables to safety supplies, when the next big chill hits, keep these tips in mind to help prevent weather-related incidents.

Posted on:January 18, 2019

Work vans serve as an end-all be-all throughout a day’s work because tradespeople must stay prepared for any upcoming challenge. If a tool or part is not in the truck, or worse, can’t be found… well, that leads to wasted time, and money. By keeping tools, equipment and materials organized and clean, professionals can conveniently haul jobsite essentials.

Posted on:January 11, 2019

Developing renewable energy practices sounds like a large-scale initiative, but local homeowners can contribute greatly to its success. Though National Cut Energy Costs Day passed (Jan. 10), it’s still just important to stay up to date on environmental considerations. Join Klein Tools in recognizing how sustainable solutions help homeowners conserve energy, and costs.

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, the clean energy economy provides up to four million jobs in the Unites States, which includes four main employment sectors: renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and advanced vehicles and transportation. These industries only continue to grow in result of decreased technology costs and an increased demand for sustainability. With the help of tradespeople, cities nationwide can successfully make the crossover to renewable energy systems.

Posted on:January 4, 2019

From professional achievements to personal growth, there sure is a lot to be grateful for while ringing in a new year. When the countdown to 2019 was underway, the Klein Tools family took time to celebrate innovation and American manufacturing, a tradition that dates back to 1857. As we look ahead to the future, our team continues to look for new jobsite solutions to help professionals get the job done right year after year.

While it might not have been the first thing on these Klein Crusaders’ minds come Jan. 1, being equipped with the right tools for the job is crucial for year-round success. Specifically, the Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper/Crimper Multi-Tool (Cat. No. 1019) has proven to be many professionals’ new go-to tool. Here is what some Klein Crusaders are saying about their #NewKleins.

Posted on:December 28, 2018

Klein Tools’ Powering America’s Future video series showcases what drives the next generation of skilled tradespeople to enter the trades. After meeting these passionate individuals in training facilities across the United States, the Klein Tools team has a prediction for 2019 – positive mentorships will spark success in the new year, and beyond. Here is a look at just a few reasons these relationships play a vital role in career development across all jobsites.


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