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Posted on:June 14, 2019

Day-in and day-out, professionals across all trades rely on Klein Tools to get the job done. And when it comes time to relax after a job well done, tradespeople can still count on us. In addition to high-quality tools for use on the job, Klein Tools also offers versatile products that come in handy after hours.

Keep dad’s #JourneymanCave stocked up just in time for Father’s Day with the these five summertime essentials.

1. Tradesman Pro™ Tough Box Cooler, 48-Quart (Cat. No. 55650) 

Backyard beverages will remain chilled and close at hand when using Klein’s New Tradesman Pro™ Tough Box Cooler. Upsized from Klein’s original 17-quart model, this whopping homesite essential keeps items cool for up to 30 hours and can fit up to 72 cans or 40 bottles – perfect for maximum hydration on or off the job!

Posted on:June 7, 2019

Electricity was first used residentially for lighting in the 1880s. These early electrical systems were very expensive and cumbersome, however, requiring the use of direct current. As smaller household appliances became available, the first plugs and sockets were also introduced. Early inventions included light bulb-style outlets, which directly plugged into a home’s lamp socket.

By the early 1900s, several countries had developed adaptions to Harvey Hubbell's "Separable Attachment Plug". As the demand for electricity at home increased, an awareness of the risk of electrical hazards also rose. At the World’s Fair in 1904, scientists and engineers agreed for the first time that global standards for electrotechnology were needed, resulting in the founding of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The introduction of two-pin and three-pin wall receptacles soon followed.

Electricity Expands Globally

Posted on:May 10, 2019

The skills gap continues to impact jobsites worldwide with pressing deadlines demanding an immediate solution. Together, we can raise awareness about the many benefits of working in the trades and encourage the next generation of skilled professionals to pursue alternative career options. 

May 8, 2019, marked the inaugural SkillsUSA National Signing Day, presented by Klein Tools. Similar to signing day events for student athletes, almost 300 schools nationwide celebrated nearly 3,000 high school seniors dedicated to pursuing a career in the trades. Although we can’t highlight every event that happened from coast to coast, here’s a recap from just five of the schools that participated in last week’s celebration.

Posted on:April 26, 2019

Mark your calendars!

On May 8, 2019, SkillsUSA and Klein Tools will host the first-ever SkillsUSA National Signing Day. This historic event will celebrate almost 3,000 high school seniors dedicated to pursuing careers in the skilled trades nationwide.

And there’s still plenty of time to join in on the celebration. In fact, SkillsUSA and Klein Tools are counting on YOU to help make this event that much more memorable for today’s aspiring professionals, so here’s five reasons why you won’t want to miss out.

Posted on:April 19, 2019

Although all tradespeople complete hours of intense training to perfect their craft, lineworker apprenticeships and journeyman designations call for exceptional grit. More than 7,000 hours of training goes into learning the ins and outs of working at heights and near high-voltages. Here’s just a few valuable lessons aspiring professionals might face while on their journey to becoming a career lineworker.

1. The technical aspects of the trade drive success.

Learning, and mastering, the basics of electrical components builds a solid foundation for a successful, lifelong career. Classroom knowledge combined with hands-on training helps all electricians get started, but up and coming lineworkers must also learn how to climb poles safely and work near high-voltages. Professionals gradually find their footing in the industry as the tools and tricks of the trade are handed down from generation to generation.

Posted on:April 5, 2019

Across all jobsites, tradespeople overcome complex challenges in order to get the job done right. It’s their commitment, and their grit, that keeps our communities running. With a pressure to work efficiently, professionals work diligently to complete the day’s tasks, avoiding distractions which not only cause safety hazards but also jeopardize tight deadlines.

When on the job, however, many tradespeople are asked to complete additional work beyond their main assignment. It’s not uncommon for skilled professionals to finish the job through and through, no matter what they’re tasked with.  From moving furniture to serving lunch, some odd jobs are more suitable than others.

Clients commonly make last-minute requests, which impact a tradesperson’s workload.
From the time they arrive on the jobsite, professionals stay prepared for the day’s tasks.

Appropriate Asks

Posted on:April 1, 2019

Everybody knows the story about Mathias Klein, who completed the first pair of Klein Pliers for a telegraph lineman in need in 1857. The story that, until today has gone untold, details this innovator’s endless appetite to further meet tradespeople’s needs across all jobsites. Shortly after forging a new half to a broken pair of side-cutting pliers, Mathias headed to his cast iron stove with an idea – a sandwich that could restore his energy needed to finish the day’s work.

Lunchtime is a crucial part of the day for any tradesperson to recharge between challenging tasks. These well-deserved breaks also help prevent jobsite fatigue while decreasing the chance of risks. That’s why Klein Tools’ team of engineers, craftsman and workers are proud to announce a new jobsite service that extends beyond our well-known heritage of high-quality, professional-grade hand tools.

Posted on:March 22, 2019

Since Klein Tools’ founding more than 160 years ago, our company, and family, has celebrated many important milestones. Along the way, several limited-edition Klein Tools products have helped to recognize the impact we’ve made together. From significant anniversaries to honoring the tradespeople that keep the world running, we owe it all to you – the skilled professionals that get the job done right day-in and day-out.

Check out the following limited-edition Klein Tools products, and let us know which ones you have seen in action on the job.

2007 – 150th Anniversary Tools (Various model numbers)

Posted on:March 15, 2019

In 1857, Mathias Klein completed the first pair of Klein pliers for a telegraph lineman in need. Although Klein Tools’ complete product offering now provides tradespeople across all fields with the tools needed to get any job done right, we remain committed to meeting the demands of the professionals who have depended on Klein Tools products since day one. From battery-operated tools and impact sockets to lineman buckets, climbing equipment and more, line workers can find exactly the solution they are looking for.

In fact, no line worker’s tool bag is complete without one of Klein’s Wire Pulling Grips, which our team has been manufacturing for more than 135 years. By combining superior strength and durability, these jobsite essentials provide professionals with just the right tension to complete complex wiring jobs.

Posted on:March 8, 2019

Gender roles first evolved when Rosie the Riveter pioneered the way for women to take on industrial jobs, including welding, machine operating and other hands-on positions. As wartime demand decreased, however, women were pushed to return to their traditional, household roles – despite becoming highly skilled professionals.

Although the gender divide in the trades is shrinking, according to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), today, women make up just 9.1 percent of the construction industry in the United States. Gender-specific challenges, such as increased risk potential, jobsite hostility, lack of mentoring and others, prevent many aspiring individuals from entering the trades.


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