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Posted on:July 27, 2018

For those not keeping track at home, the play clock is running out on Klein Tools’ 2018 Electrician of the Year search. (Nominations close TODAY, July 27!) There’s still enough time to join the fun. See how the competition stacks up below, browse these tips for writing a great nomination and visit to nominate yourself or another professional electrician – today!

Each nomination has an extraordinary story to tell – a story of hard work, passion and commitment. But we’ve noticed that the MVPs of electricians emphasize a dedication to quality, safety and integrity while addressing the following three criteria.

Posted on:July 23, 2018

A mess left behind after a finished job, overusing shared materials and tools and ignoring obvious directions – what do these things have in common? Well, if this short description didn’t infuriate you, know that these are just a few common pet peeves experienced professionals face on the jobsite.

Which of the following disorganized or downright disrespectful pet peeves have you encountered?

Last-minute jobs – Imagine relaxing at home after a long, tiresome workweek, when the phone rings. It’s your supervisor on the line. They’ve received heightened pressure to meet a strict deadline. Everybody has to come to the jobsite this weekend. Talk about short notice. You’re tired, but duty calls.  Many professionals have received that dreaded call. It’s this commitment to the trades that makes tradespeople so well-respected. That’s not to say they like receiving these calls, but they take pride in their work and will be there to get the job done.

Posted on:July 11, 2018

Representatives from Klein Tools recently took to the road, heading toward Louisville, Kentucky, to meet the next generation of skilled professionals at SkillsUSA’s 54th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC). Throughout the conference, students participated in over 100 different hands-on competitions related to the trade, technical and leadership fields, including categories like telecom cabling, robotics, precision machining, plumbing, engineering, culinary arts and more. Contestants in each competition proved their expertise, all while demonstrating their passion for their careers of choice.

Posted on:July 3, 2018

Fireworks, a staple of Fourth of July celebrations from coast to coast, light up the sky in breathtaking, colorful displays. Audiences watch as they build up to the grand finale, dazzling and booming through the air with mesmerizing variety. It’s a sight – and a tradition – nobody would want to miss.

Posted on:June 29, 2018

Klein Tools are known for being passed down from generation to generation, holding up to the wear and tear of everyday jobsite challenges. That’s because we continue to put six generations of expertise into every tool that we create, using only the highest quality materials, superior workmanship and keeping manufacturing as close to home as possible. To make sure your Klein’s live long enough to meet the next generation of professionals, here are some tricks to help keep them working like new.

Posted on:June 22, 2018

Surf’s up! It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which means longer, sunnier days and much more time spent near the water. What does summer mean to you – maybe backyard barbecues, fireworks and festivals, beach days and other seasonal festivities? That’s all fun and games but, for most tradespeople, summer remains a time to ensure public safety, just as they do year-round, working day in and day out to prevent hazards.

Posted on:June 14, 2018

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we have two words that will help make it the best one yet – Multi-Functional Tools. You’ve heard the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” but around here, we say, “Time flies when you’re getting the job done.” That’s why it has become increasingly important for tools to provide tradespeople with more versatility. From stripping and cutting to piercing, driving and so much more, this Father’s Day just got a whole lot more convenient.

Klein’s family of engineers and craftsmen is very excited about two new, breakthrough products, the Hybrid Pliers (Cat. No. J215-8CR) and the Electrician’s Hybrid Multi-Tool (Cat. No. 44216). These two new tools give professionals what they need to complete up to 12 different tasks, reducing the number of tools needed to complete a job.

Posted on:June 7, 2018

Hut, Hut, Hike!

For the fifth year running, Klein Tools is honoring the MVP of electricians, and this year, we’re kicking off the 2018 Electrician of the Year search with a blitz.

Every year, hundreds of nominees compete for the title of Klein Tools Electrician of the Year. But what's the key to winning?

The first step is to submit an outstanding nomination. We know our customers are skilled professionals who are dedicated to quality, safety and integrity day in and day out. Now it’s time to tell us how you or someone else you know stands unrivaled on the jobsite.

5 Tips for Writing a Great Nomination

Posted on:May 30, 2018

With over 7.4 billion people in the world, it’s no surprise that the demand for power has risen in recent years. Advanced developments in the datacommunication industry have enabled such growth, introducing new power delivery methods such as Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE technology allows Ethernet devices to transmit and receive data as well as DC power through the same cabling.

Posted on:May 24, 2018

Hardworking lineman by day, talented songwriter by night – that’s how we’d begin to describe Dustin Steen, a tradesperson from Mississippi.

When you grow up with parents performing in a southern rock band and generations of skilled welders as role models, joining the trades and exploring the music industry is a natural path to take. But it wasn’t until Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 that Dustin’s plans for the future began to shine bright before him.


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