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Posted on:December 14, 2018

For more than 160 years Klein Tools has remained committed to providing professionals with the right tools for the job. As technology becomes more common on and off the jobsite, the Klein Tools team looks for ways to make access to new products, company news and industry trends more convenient. This year, underwent an eye-catching revamp, bringing this company goal to life. The following updates were made with users like you in mind. Take the time to explore to learn more about how to make the most out of your next visit to Klein Tools online.

Posted on:December 7, 2018

More than 42 million visitors set foot in Las Vegas every year in search of one thing – entertainment. And they’ve come to the right place. The endless sightseeing and vibrant nightlife leaves no room for boredom. From live performances to sporting events, Fulton Rigging has an inside look at what it takes to make the magic happen. Need a hint? Just look up.

The Fun Starts with Fulton

Fulton Rigging is a rope access construction company, which specializes in working in tough places where access is challenging due to the height and/or the environment. For more than 20 years, these dedicated professionals have played a crucial role in Las Vegas’ entertainment industry by providing skilled rigging teams for jobs inside the Thomas & Mack Center and around Las Vegas.

Posted on:December 3, 2018

For more than 160 years, Klein Tools has proudly manufactured tools in the United States. This tradition remains just as important to the company, and the Klein family, as it was in 1857. From coast to coast, our forges blaze, our assembly lines run true, and our people continue to put six generations of expertise into every tool we create. Professionals worldwide depend on Klein Tools to deliver the performance, durability and precision needed to get the job done right.

Here’s a closer look at the dedicated individuals working at one of our Mansfield, Texas locations, manufacturing your pliers, cable cutters and wire strippers.

Posted on:November 21, 2018

For more than 160 years, the Klein Tools family has introduced new jobsite solutions, delivering the quality and durability needed to get the job done right. This Thanksgiving, we’re giving thanks for all of Klein’s latest innovations, and the professionals who use them. While most people stay busy celebrating the holidays with friends and family, the professionals behind the scenes remain dedicated to the trades day-in and day-out. Gobble up these #NewKleins and join in on this season of gratitude.

Posted on:November 16, 2018

Training centers and technical schools worldwide provide up and coming skilled professionals with the education and experiences needed for a successful career in the trades. Despite the difficult, and sometimes dangerous work, these passionate individuals get the job done right. Travel with Klein Tools to a few training facilities across the United States to learn more about what drives the next generation of skilled tradespeople to enter the industry.

Posted on:November 13, 2018

Every day, passionate individuals worldwide embark on their journey into the trades by starting an apprenticeship. In the United States alone, more than 540,000 apprentices help meet the talent needs of employers across more than 1,000 occupations. The United States Department of Labor recognizes Nov. 12-18 as National Apprenticeship Week, providing community business, labor and education facilities the opportunity to showcase how their apprenticeship programs help prepare a highly-skilled workforce.

Becoming a tradesperson isn’t commonly the first thing that comes to mind when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow-up?” However, greater awareness surrounding the benefits of the skilled trades can change that. This year, in conjunction with National Apprenticeship Week, Klein Tools highlights six ways completing an apprenticeship will undoubtedly change your life – for the better.

Posted on:November 9, 2018

Today, we stand together to take the time to salute the military servicemen and servicewomen who have fought for America’s democracy. Join Klein Tools with pride in expressing gratitude towards our very own employees, and veterans, for their sacrifices and dedication.

Walt Causey

From 1974-1978, Walt Causey served as a Heavy Equipment Operator in the U.S. Marines. Walt may have enlisted in the Marines when he was 18, but the decision to serve his country was made long before that. You could say it was destined since birth. Walt was born on a Marine camp – his dad also served in the Marines – so the military had always played a large role in his everyday life, even before he knew what being a veteran could mean.

In his role as a heavy equipment operator, Walt learned the importance of always doing the right thing to the best of one’s ability. Today, Walt is a material handler at Klein’s Mansfield, Texas, heat treat facility, where he has been recognized with the Journeyman Award of Excellence* twice.

Posted on:November 1, 2018

To best understand the history of Lineman’s Pliers, travel back to Chicago in 1857, when Mathias Klein forged a single tool for an electrician in need. At that time, electricity was still a mystery. The lightbulb wouldn’t even be invented for another twenty years. Chicago’s “communications industry” consisted of just a few bare wires. Even so, when a telegraph lineman needed a new half for his broken side-cutting pliers, he knew just who to visit. Mathias Klein forged and finished a new half for his tool, riveted it to the old, and the lineman went on his way. Later, when the lineman returned with the original half of the tool now broken, the first complete pair of Klein pliers were produced.

Posted on:October 31, 2018

As thrill seekers tip-toe their way through a haunted house’s blackened halls, the elaborate mechanics within each corridor create spine-chilling sensory experiences. This Halloween, creep alongside Klein as we unmask the ins and outs of a typical haunted house – goblins, gremlins and ghosts, oh my!

The door swings open right as you reach for the handle, which can only mean one thing – motion sensors. Even the smallest of movements radiate infrared energy, given off in the form of heat, and when turned into an electrical signal, well, these hauntings are intricately automated. As you continue through the maze, your every step triggers the next scare, casting widespread creepy-crawlies.

Posted on:October 19, 2018

Any tradesperson knows that long hours and harsh jobsite conditions are a part of the industry, where strict project deadlines demand extensive overtime. Year after year, these taxing jobsite expectations can pay a toll. Jobsite fatigue is especially a cause for concern. Contractors are, in part, responsible for managing these conditions, so it is important for them to educate fellow tradespeople on how to minimize the risk of fatigue and the associated risk of injury while on the job. Today, Klein Tools is taking a closer look at the overall health of tradespeople – the good, the bad and the tiresome.


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