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Posted on:July 19, 2013

It’s not hard to understand why you might need to clean your toolsPliers, wrenches, chisels, blades and so forth are all being used in dirty, greasy situations.  To get the best results from your tools every time you use them, it’s best to keep them clean and degreased.  Though some of your tools may require special cleaning instructions, most Klein products can be cleaned one of two ways.  To keep your tools in their best shape possible, here is a guide to cleaning your tools both ways.

Posted on:July 16, 2013

journeyman logo

Throughout his lifetime, Mathias A. Klein, founder of Klein Tools, worked hard to ensure that his family business offered the highest quality hand tools.  Mathias did not spend much time out of his workspace throughout the course of his life, working every day until his death at the age of 92.  He understood the traveling man though, whether it was a telephone repair man fixing power lines for an entire county, or a plumber running from house to house fixing leaking pipes.  This was the kind of man Mathias admired and wanted to serve: The Journeyman. 

Posted on:July 11, 2013

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Summer is here full force and we get to celebrate our country’s freedom with cold drinks while baking in the hot sun. The 4th of July is a celebration of escapism as our lives are temporarily suspended for the sake of family, friends and good times. This year, however, the good times are seen in stark contrast to the devastation that has come in the months leading up to the 4th.

Posted on:July 8, 2013

splinter guard klein tools

Splinters suck.  Well, most splinters that is.  Master Splinter from the comic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is possibly the greatest splinter of all time, but he’s the exception to the rule.  There’s just no better way of putting it, splinters suck.  Trapped beneath the surface of your skin, it’s irritating how something seemingly so insignificant can be so annoying.  

Here are two unconventional methods for removing a splinter if a needle or tweezers have not already done the trick. 

Usually the first reaction to a splinter is, “I’ll just squeeze it out.”  However, this can embed the splinter further into your skin, or if it’s brittle you may break it into smaller pieces.  Here’s how to handle both wood and fiberglass splinters:

Posted on:July 2, 2013

One of many new products introduced by Klein Tools in the past few years, the DK-06 Serrated Duct Knife quickly became a top-selling item.  The knife features a comfortable cushion-grip handle, double-edged blade and is packaged with a puncture resistant nylon sheath.  While the DK-06 was designed to meet the needs of industry professionals, its overall look and feel was influenced by the legendary “KA-BAR” knife first carried by the United States Marines in the 1940s.


Posted on:June 26, 2013

Can you believe that a 109-year-old pair of pliers can still work just as well as the day it was manufactured?  I had the opportunity to handle the winning pair of pliers in our Oldest Pliers contest and was in awe at the way they smoothly operated, just as Kleins do today.  I still can’t get over the fact that there are working Klein pliers that are over 100 years old.  Just holding a piece of history that old in my hand was enough to send shivers down my spine.  It’s fascinating to think about who the original owner was and what projects the pliers may have worked on.  With a vintage pair of pliers it would make sense to just hold onto them as a collector’s item, but if they were mine I wouldn’t be able to help myself, I’d have to put them to use. 

Posted on:June 24, 2013

Knowing your work environment and surroundings is an essential part of every tradesman’s daily work experience.  On a recent jobsite visit one of our field specialists met with Voice-Data-Video technicians who were installing a large cable to provide antenna signals within a hospital.  To ensure a clean environment, the tradesmen had to work inside of small tents no larger than their ladders. The tents had been taped to the floor and ceiling, only allowing access through a zipper door in order to seal them off from the rest of the facility.  The cable was brought in on a large reel which also needed to be installed in a tent before being mounted into a cable tray in the ceiling.  Even though this installation was being performed in a ceiling area, maintaining a clean work environment was crucial to ensure the job was completed to its fullest potential.  Any type of contamination (dust, dirt, particles, etc.) can have a negative impact on whatever environment you’re working in.

Posted on:June 18, 2013

Klein Tools Canvas Tools Bags have held up for decades as a definitive representation of the quality and durability of the Klein brand. The minimalistic design featuring stitched and riveted leather handles, heavy duty natural canvas and a moisture-resistant vinyl bottom has allowed these tool bags to be durable and dependable for multiple generations of users. That is what Klein Tools Canvas Tool Bags represent: reliability and simplicity woven into one.  Some of the greatest things in life are the ones that you don't have to think about, products that have a day-in, day-out dependability that sometimes goes unnoticed. 

What may also go unnoticed are the classic good looks these tool bags possess. Whether it's the leather accents, the clean color arrangements, or the lineman's logo proudly and prominently placed front and center, there is something about these canvas bags that reminds me of a classic football helmet that you admire, even if it isn't the team you root for.

Posted on:June 12, 2013

tanto lockback knife klein toolsThe pocket knife is a tool most of us have gone our entire lives enamored with.  The first folding-blades were made by craftsmen in pre-Roman era Spain and since then this ingenious invention has been pocketed by countless knife enthusiasts.  I remember my first pocket blade, a Swiss Army knife my dad gave me on an Indian Guides camping trip.  There isn’t much use for a pocket knife in an 8-year-old's life, but whittling away at sticks and turning them into spears never got old.  

Posted on:June 3, 2013

demolition screwdrivers

We’ve all done it.  You need a quick chisel and instead of digging around for the right tool, you grab a hammer and pound on the back of your screwdriver to get the job done.  Or maybe you need to bang out a knockout in a junction box and your screwdriver is the easiest option.  Even more frequently are the times when you need to pry something open and your screwdriver head provides the perfect solution.  The only problem is, most screwdrivers cannot hold up over time to this kind of use. 


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