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Posted on:January 23, 2015

Imagine getting all the way to outer space only to realize you left your socket wrench back on earth. Uh…Houston, we have a problem.

Thankfully, NASA says it now has a solution. Just recently, NASA beamed up a digital design of a ratcheting socket wrench to an innovative new orbiting 3D printer on the International Space Station. Four hours later the space station’s astronauts had a functioning wrench in hand!

Posted on:November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and after that the Christmas season gets in to full swing. The Klein Tools elves have been hard at work creating some pretty awesome “toys” for us to give away to you!

Here it is! Mark your calendars! Set reminders on your phone! Because you’ll definitely want to get in on these great holiday deals!

Cyber Monday Deals

Don’t worry, we’re giving you a couple of days to recover from that delicious Thanksgiving dinner, but come December 1st (Cyber Monday) we launch our first holiday deal. How exactly do you get in on it? Join the KLEIN TRADESMAN CLUB! Yep, that’s it! If you join, we’ll send the deal directly to you via email (if you’re already a member, you’re already on the email list so you don’t have to do anything!). This is an exclusive deal for Tradesman Club members only, so I can’t give you all of the details. I will say this though, if you are a fan of anything camo, go right now and sign up for the Tradesman Club!

Posted on:November 3, 2014

We’ve officially wrapped production on our first year of shooting Tradesman TV!

Barnaby & crew prep for the last day of production Barnaby & crew prep for the last day of production

We had the entire crew back in the studio recently to shoot the last few episodes of the year, so I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of what’s coming up for this exciting and informative new series.

In this first year, our mission for Tradesman TV was to give you an in-depth look at some of the new products that Klein Tools produced throughout the year. We talked with our experienced product managers to demonstrate and explain the features of these new products. Then we talked with tradespeople like you who had been using these new tools and products on the job to get their opinion of how these tools perform in real world environments.

Posted on:November 3, 2014

Guys...just a heads up. Saturday, October 18th is Sweetest Day.

I know what you’re thinking, what the heck is Sweetest Day? Think Valentine’s Day, but in October.

This “hallmark holiday” is generally only celebrated in the Midwest and parts of the Northeast in the US, and according to this website, it commonly involves women giving their husbands or boyfriends candy. But from me to you, get your lady something to mark the holiday….a card, some candy, or a nice dinner out.

And if you are going to be on the jobsite that day, let me make another recommendation, especially if you are pulling wire. Ditch the old yellow wax wire pulling lubricant. I STRONGLY recommend you get Klein’s new Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant instead.

Why? Watch this...

Posted on:November 3, 2014

Today, October 9th, marks National Fire Prevention Day. This day, in conjunction with National Fire Prevention Week, is a platform for fire officials to educate the public about the importance of fire safety.

Fire Safety

While firefighters and fire officials are providing us with this very important PSA, I’d like to take this opportunity to return the favor.

Last month, I received an email from Hector, who recently became a big fan of Klein Tools. Hector is a certified structural firefighter and he wrote to tell us about how much our new Hi-Visibility Tools have helped him on the job. But something he wrote in particular caught my attention:

"I recommend the glow in the dark tools to my fellow firefighters because it enhances life safety," he wrote.

Posted on:November 3, 2014

With just days left, I am on the edge of my seat, because the race for Klein Tools Head of the Class instructor of the year award is still anyone’s game! And with a $1000 prize on the line, EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

Posted on:September 24, 2014

Fall has officially arrived! Tuesday marked the official first day of Fall. Although it is still a pleasant 70 degrees in northern Illinois, we’ve already had a taste of the brisk cold that will be here before we know it. And if forecasters are to be believed, it’s going to be another brutal winter.

I’m not waiting around for it. I’ve already ordered a new hi-viz Klein Tools Orange Fleece Jacket and a Knit Hat. I also got my hands on a pair of our brand-new Journeyman™ Cold Weather Gloves.

Klein Journeyman Cold Weather Gloves - icy conditions
Posted on:September 17, 2014

When you ask electricians about their experience using wire pulling lubricant, you can pretty much count on a negative response.

Now, I’ve never pulled wire before, but I’ve had the…displeasure…of handling the traditional wax lubricant, so I completely understand why. There is nothing nice you can say about that stuff. The texture, the color, the fact that you can’t ever seem to get the stuff off your hands, clothes, etc.

It’s a wonder that no one has come up with an alternative before.

Thankfully, there is one now… Klein Tools’ Exclusive Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant.

Posted on:September 12, 2014

Turning 101 years old would be a major milestone in anyone’s life, so how did Herman “Hy” Goldman celebrate his 101st birthday? By going to work.

Yep, Hy still clocks in at his 9-to-5 job four days a week….as he’s done for the last 73 YEARS! As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s worked at the same company for that entire time.

Posted on:September 5, 2014

Internet photo meme’s….It seems you can’t escape them lately. And as much as I try to ignore them, every once in a while I come across one that catches my attention. That’s what happened this weekend, when a friend sent me a good one about electricity (scroll down to see it).

It got me thinking, I wonder what other good electricity/electrician meme’s are out there?


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