Tradespeople Go the Extra Mile to Get the Job Done Right

Across all jobsites, tradespeople overcome complex challenges in order to get the job done right. It’s their commitment, and their grit, that keeps our communities running. With a pressure to work efficiently, professionals work diligently to complete the day’s tasks, avoiding distractions which not only cause safety hazards but also jeopardize tight deadlines.

When on the job, however, many tradespeople are asked to complete additional work beyond their main assignment. It’s not uncommon for skilled professionals to finish the job through and through, no matter what they’re tasked with.  From moving furniture to serving lunch, some odd jobs are more suitable than others.

Clients commonly make last-minute requests, which impact a tradesperson’s workload.
From the time they arrive on the jobsite, professionals stay prepared for the day’s tasks.

Appropriate Asks

In some instances, volunteer tradespeople lend a helping hand to senior citizens who cannot afford the upfront investment needed to complete necessary safety renovations. In times like these, when working for vulnerable, ill or elderly customers, tasks such as moving heavy items to storage or even re-arranging furniture sounds like the right thing to do. If clients are just downright lazy, remember the day’s priorities.

In fact, prior notice should always be given when furniture needs to be moved in order to complete the job. If you have the strength and the manpower, however, it could save time and resources in the long-run just to get it done. Consider increasing the estimated price and be sure to include any additional tasks in the final cost.

Since leaving behind a mess is a common jobsite pet peeve, it’s reasonable to be asked to sweep up job-related waste after finishing a day’s work. Some clients, however, ask for extra housework to be completed. Professionals know what’s required to get the job done. Politely decline to make the most out of your time on the job. And at the very least, always return the worksite to its original set-up.

Distracting Duties

Tradespeople can take a serious hit if they don’t properly prioritize both their time and resources, which is why they should never be asked to fulfill the following requests:

  • Picking up a few groceries while stocking up on more jobsite materials
  • Serving themselves, and others, refreshments throughout the day
  • Babysitting young kids while parents run errands
  • Tidying the house and other household chores

Although unusual, these additional tasks are definitely not unheard of, easily preventing focus on the job and hindering precision. Tradespeople go through years of technical training in order to learn the ins and outs of their field. Their expertise and commitment to the trades should be recognized as such – without having to undertake unsuitable responsibilities.

What odd tasks have you been asked to perform while on the job? Did you take on the extra work? Share your experiences with us on social media.