It’s all in the Van – Tips to Stay Organized for a Day’s Work

Work vans serve as an end-all be-all throughout a day’s work because tradespeople must stay prepared for any upcoming challenge. If a tool or part is not in the truck, or worse, can’t be found… well, that leads to wasted time, and money. By keeping tools, equipment and materials organized and clean, professionals can conveniently haul jobsite essentials.

Whether it’s finding the way items fit best or taking the time to tidy up, here are a few tips on how to keep your work van organized from top to bottom


Tool storage solutions, such as Klein’s bright orange vinyl storage product line, not only help professionals keep their tools organized and secure throughout their commute but also prevent damage caused by tumbling around.

Storage Smarts

No matter the vehicle’s size, space comes at a premium. Tradespeople lug countless tools and equipment to stay prepared for the vast variety of possible work, including full installations or everyday maintenance checks. When organizing all of this, pegboards, overhead hanging poles and tote bins are a good way to get items off the floor and maximize usable space.

Remember to be smart when you start loading tools and gear. Sort items by size, with the smallest bits and pieces stored on shelves or hooks higher up and larger equipment on the floor. Place frequently used items in easy-to-access areas, such as hanging on door interiors.

Declutter Diligently

Say goodbye to clutter by color-coding small pieces in zipper bags or labeling bins and buckets. Having a specific place for items will make putting them away after daily use less of a chore. Once everything is in its place, clear out unnecessary jobsite debris, leaving no room for garbage build-up. Whatever it may be, find a technique that works for you and stick with it day-in and day-out.

Clean Consistently

An old work van can take a whole day to clean, but how long will it stay organized? The secret isn’t cleaning – it’s about consistency. Take a few minutes every day to keep things tidy. You’ll thank yourself for the saved time and frustration. If time allows, you can go even further by caring for your tools. After all, well-kept tools help get the job done right.

This time, we’re not so concerned about your van’s exterior, but that can make all the difference too. Detailed wrappings, which can include contractor information, serve as a traveling billboard for your trade. In fact, it’s so important that Ruddy Muddy, an artist who turns dirty work vans into masterpieces, is helping the U.K. find its dirtiest work van. Cleanliness inside and out reflects professionalism in clients’ eyes while also sparking a successful day on the job.

Work van organization doesn’t have to be an all-consuming priority, but taking time each day is crucial for keeping tools and parts easy to find throughout the day. How do you keep your work van in order? Share your best-kept secrets with us on social media.