Don’t Get “Distanced” Because of Your Jobsite Hygiene - Get the Blacksmith Collection

Since 1857, Klein Tools has been providing the highest quality hand tools to help trade professionals succeed on their jobsites. With over 160 years of experience, we’ve perfected the products you need to get your job done right. However, our founder, Mathias Klein, had a vision that went beyond the jobsite. He wanted his brand to reach across all parts of life, and allow a tradesperson to really incorporate Klein Tools into each facet of their everyday routines. Which is why today, Klein Tools is excited to announce the launch of our newest line, The Blacksmith Collection.

Blacksmith Collection from Klein Tools

This collection of personal grooming products is built for the tradesperson on the go – even if you’ve only been doing essential travel for weeks. Once you’re able to leave your “home-site” and practice “social closeness” again, this will be the perfect kit to help you go directly from the jobsite to date night in a few quick steps!

Klein Tools Blacksmith Collection - Dental Products

Dental Products

On any date night, fresh breath is ESSENTIAL! With our range of dental products, you won’t have to worry. Our toothbrushes have knurled bristles, perfect for cleaning off plaque and giving your pearly-whites the perfect shine. Our floss picks are forged from the highest quality steel, just like our hand tools, to make sure you’ve got the strongest grip possible when fighting those rogue seeds stuck in your teeth. And to top it all off, our toothpaste in our signature Tradesman Tingle flavor with have your breath smelling fresh all night long.

Facial Products - The Blacksmith Collection from Klein Tools

Facial Products

From the wind, sun, dust and everything else swirling around on a jobsite, your face can really take a beating. Fear not – we’ve got the products to make sure your face stays soft and supple, like the grips on a pair of Journeyman pliers fresh out of the package. Our facial moisturizer is designed to hydrate and soften your face, while our beard oil will keep even the longest and strongest of beards firm and shining, just like the long and luxurious facial hair of our founder Mathias Klein.

Multi-tool Nail Clipper - Blacksmith Collection from Klein Tools

Multi-Tool/Nail Clipper

Just like our famous Electrician’s Multi-Tool, this multi-functional nail clipper is built to meet several needs at once. With a nail clipper, nail file, cuticle pusher, tweezers and Klein Cutlery mini scissors, this tool can solve several post-jobsite issues. Dirt under your nails? Got a splinter? Need to give yourself a quick trim? You’ve got all the tools to do it in a compact package that you can throw right in your pocket or tool bag!

Reversible Safety Vest - Blacksmith Collection from Klein Tools

Safety Vest

One of the most important parts of any date is an outfit, and if you’re coming straight from the jobsite you might not have time to change clothes. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! This high-visibility safety vest is reversible into a sleek black vest featuring our signature logo, so you’ve got a perfect fit to be able to change on the go and impress your date.

Fragrance Products - Blacksmith Collection from Klein Tools


The final step to getting ready for any date night is making sure you smell right! With all the sweat and dirt flying on any given workday, you have to make sure to freshen up before you try to build a romance. Luckily, we’ve got just the tools to do that. Our working hands lotion will keep your hands smooth while knocking out any lingering scents your may have picked up throughout the day. Available travel size, a 5 gallon pail or a one quart bottle, you’ve got sizes to choose from! Our Tradesman Tough deodorant and Mathias Mist cologne, both in our Forged Fire scent will make sure everyone knows the fragrance you’re rocking. With note of burnt ember, singed steel, and a hint of a German craft brew, you’ll be the scent that nobody can forget.

Pack this all up into your signature Blacksmith Collection travel bag, and you’ve got a date night transformation ready to go!

Black Canvas Back - Blacksmith Collection from Klein Tools