Tapping Into Our Heritage

Since 1857, Klein Tools has been most known for our pliers. That's no secret. But since 2002, another Klein favorite has been bubbling towards the top – the Beverage Tool. Originally brewed as a promotional item, this handy [off the] jobsite tool is now one of the best-selling tools in the entire company! Thanks to the Beverage Tool's unexpected success, we realize there is an untapped market…

Introducing Klein Kraft Brews!

Four quality crafted beers that stand up to the demands of the professionals who drink them.

Introducing Klein Kraft Brews
. . . . .
Lineman 'Pliers'ner

Lineman "Pliers"ner – Forged from a strong German heritage (Mathias Klein was a German immigrant, after all), this Lineman "Pliers"ner is as classic as our trademark hand tool for which it is named. Featuring high-leverage hops, this brew has a spicy flavor that cuts smoothly on the palate with a steel-y finish. A truly riveting lager-style beer!

Tradesman Pro Bock

Tradesman Pro Bock – Another brew with a distinctly German background is our Tradesman Pro Bock. It is a stronger beer able to carry a lot of malt flavor, with pockets of hop bitterness. The deep amber color makes it easy to find amongst our other brews.

Insulated Pale Ale (IPA)

Insulated Pale Ale (IPA) – Though our roots are German, we are still very much an American company, and this Insulated Pale Ale meets and exceeds the standards for American IPA's. The dual-layers of flavor; thick, bright herbal notes surrounded by bright orange (citrus) characteristics, insulate the taste buds.

Screwdriver Stout

Screwdriver Stout - Notes of coffee, chocolate, and tempered steel gives a precise fit to this Screwdriver Stout. Heat-treated barley provides the maximum roasted flavor, while the dark color of this stout is reminiscent of our Cushion-Grip handles. The bottle cap even has our trademark Tip-Ident to quickly identify this stout (and our other brews) in your cooler.

Mathias Moonshine

Mathias MoonshineLimited Edition! Prohibition came after Mathias Klein's time, but he distilled a sense of entrepreneurship in the Klein family and this moonshine is our nod to that legacy. We've taken the historical approach to developing this whiskey by distilling it in the dead of night (we had to start a 3rd shift just to make this!). Of course, historically moonshine has also been illegal, so that's why it's limited edition.

When you pick up your six-pack or case, don't forget to grab some Can Insulators or Glass Mugs, and, of course, a Beverage Tool or two.

Please drink responsibly or you may fall for an April Fools joke like this one!